Best choices for a educational administration degree for someone who can't get student loans?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by Pastor Lincoln, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. I cannot get student loans and I have little money that goes to living expenses. Any good places to get an educational administration or instructional design degree? I could ride on scholarships, maybe. I realise that I do have an interest in these fields after a misunderstanding on a different thread.
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    That will be tough. Bachelor's, Master's, or doctoral?
  3. Bachelor's degree. I only have a few ministry certificates so far.
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    I have been working on this Walden master's:

    It is an MS in Early Childhood Studies with a specialization in Administration, Management and Leadership.

    This is a competency-based program that costs $1750 per three-month term. They are currently offering the first term free. I think that a dedicated student could get it done in two terms. That would be $1750.

    Obviously, you would need a bachelor's degree before, but that is not that difficult with the Big Three. Maybe you could get away with a BRS from Nations University. I seem to have read here that Walden might accept a nationally-accredited bachelor's.
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    Are you eligible for Perkins grants?
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    Not knowing what a Perkins Grant was, I looked it up. Looks like it's voc-tech only?

    Pell Grant for a bachelor's would work if the income is low enough
    Scholarships - apply weekly
    Employer- based tuition reimbursement - get a job at one of the hundreds of companies that will do this for you.
    Credit by exam all your 100/200 level

    That's just a start, but that gets you most of the way.

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