Best and Worst Colleges for Veterans

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    The study I'm linking to looked at data from 4,600 colleges between 2009 and 2017. They mainly focused on graduation rates, amount of Post-9/11 GI benefits received, and money spent on instruction. They also looked at the percentage of students who earn more than the average wage for someone with a high school diploma. Guess which type of college tended to perform the worst?

    You can look at the tables yourselves, but the stat I found most interesting is the percentage of students who earn more than the average high school graduate.

    Full Sail University - 52.3%
    ECPI University - 52.3%
    University of Phoenix - 50.8%
    Colorado Technical University - 49.8%
    Devry University - 57.9%
    Strayer University - 59%

    I also liked this list. These are the top bachelor's degree-granting schools that spend over 50% of gross tuition and fees on instruction and have graduation rates over 50%.

    Yale University
    Washington University in St. Louis
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
    Stanford University
    State University of New York Polytechnic Institute

    These are the top 10 schools that received the most in GI Bill funds and spent less than 20% of tuition on instruction. The authors of the report call these "Bottom of the Barrel."

    University of Phoenix
    Devry University
    Strayer University
    Colorado Technical University
    Liberty University
    Ashford University
    Southern New Hampshire University
    Kaplan University (now Purdue Global)
    Grand Canyon University
    Capella University
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    I’m a little surprised that I did not see AMU/APU on the list.
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    I can’t that I am surprised by those who made the "Bottom of the Barrel."
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    They receive a lot of GI Bill funds, but they spend 23% of gross tuition and fees on instruction, so they missed the bottom of the barrel list. And, 70% of their students earn more than the average high school graduate.
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    Colorado Technical University, American Intercontinental University, Capella University, and ABCO Technology spend the lowest percentage of tuition on instruction. They all spend less than 10%.

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