Best and most affordable online schools?

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  1. rizanater

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    I am trying to sift through all the information out there... I would like to attend a online /distance learning school but dont want it to be a total hassle and also dont want to be scammed into paying lotsa money out of pocket... ive read some real scary things about Kaplan, and I was considering them .. and advice would be greatly apreciated:D
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    Which are you looking for....the best...or the most affordable? :eek:
  3. rizanater

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    best online schools..

    well i guess best in terms of overall performance.. i do not want to pay very much out of pocket however.. being a single father on a budget.. im hoping i can get by with financial aid
  4. mbaonline

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    Narrow it down first:
    1) What do you want? - Bachelors or Masters? What area of study?
    2) If it's Bachelors, do you have any college credit?
    -- If Yes, then see or try the Big Three for degree completion. That would be pretty cheap.
    -- If No, then using your local community college or a cheap online community college for the first two years would be good: Many CCs have online classes and the price is great. You could also see to do some testing out for your first two years' worth of credits. Then transfer to a university for your final two years.

    I see you're in Idaho. Washington State University has a great online bachelors' in Business that is cheap for Washington residents and they take transfers from CCs. Don't know about Idaho schools but many schools now have online programs and in-state tuition is generally a good deal.

    Narrow it down, ask some questions and you should be able to find a good program with respectability and good customer service.
  5. rizanater

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    I have just a couple credits and would be going for AS then BS... u mentioned CCs .. im assuming community college? another factor is that I will be moving back to california in about a year.. one of the reasons that online school looks good to me
  6. Go_Fishy

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    Look at that, a Huskie recommending Wazzu... ;)

    WSU online is unfortunately pretty expensive. The Border Bill (which allows some residents of Oregon and Idaho to study part-time paying resident tuition) only covers classes taken at the branch campuses, not online.

    What about Boise State? Not distance of course, but they have very reasonable tuition.
  7. 03310151

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    Go cougs!!!!!!!!

    Wsu '04
  8. Ian Anderson

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    California Community Colleges (CCs) are a bargain for California residents - however I believe you have to be a resident for one year before being eligible for resident rates.

    In the meantime you can pick up credits toward a degree by passing exams such as CLEP and DSST.
    Both web sites give you exam content, exam questions, and suggest study sources.

    Colleges such as Excelsior, TESC or COSC accept these exams toward their AA/AS and BA/BS degrees.

    Download the Excelsior Liberal Arts catalog - it has easy to understand outlines of degree requirements. If you are interested in a business degree then download their catalog.
    There is no need to enroll in a college for a degree until you have a bunch of credits accrued (say 75% or so).
    The Liberal Arts BS is perhaps the most flexible degree in terms of content in the USA (and arguably the lowest cost). I have one that is predominantly engineering despite its name.
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  10. mbaonline

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    Yeah, one of my nicest relatives is a Coug. It's a good program from a good school and I have a lot of students who have transferred there.

    Yes, sorry, CC is community college. I spelled it out once but then I abbreviated.

    WSU is expensive...just mentioned it in case you were a WA resident or in case the reciprocal tuition worked...GoFishy says it won't.

    Too bad you can't move to California earlier. As Ian says, California CCs are dirt cheap for residents.

    Try Clovis Comm College (do a search on this forum) or some Idaho community colleges. That would be the most cost-effective way unless you want to test out (CLEP tests) or correspondence (LSU).

    Then transfer your AS credits to an affordable BS program.

    You still haven't said what your major might be. That will influence your choice somewhat.

    There are lots of California State Schools with online programs and that might be the place to look if you're going to be a resident.
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    I would recommend FORT HAYS STATE UNIVERSITY in Kansas for a good quality regionally accredited degree that has a low price point.

    The Virtual College is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
    The Virtual College evolved from the department of Continuing Education and Learning Technology in 1999.
    The Virtual College offers eighteen bachelor's programs, ten master's programs, and a wide range of endorsements and certificates.
    The Virtual College serves over 5,800 students in any one semester.
    The Virtual College serves students in over 27 countries.
    Students taking courses through the Virtual College range in age from 18 to over 70.
    The Virtual College regularly serves students from every state.
    The Virtual College has strategic partnerships with the military, community colleges across the country, and universities world wide. For a list of current partnerships, visit FHSU’s Office of Strategic Partnerships.

    For Fort Hays State University, "Affordable Success" is a promise to students, parents, the public and state leaders that FHSU will provide access to a high-quality university education at a price that even those in the lower 40% of the state's income distribution can afford. Combining low tuition and fees with financial aid available for nearly 80% of students, we keep our promise of Affordability on campus and online.

    But being Affordable is only part of the promise. More importantly, FHSU's strong academic programs, extensive co- and extra-curricular opportunities and a fully mediated learning environment give students the knowledge and skills they need to achieve Success, both in the classroom and throughout their lives. FHSU faculty, staff and administrators are deeply committed to providing students one-on-one interaction essential for academic success - a claim many universities make, but few promise their students.

    "Affordable Success" is a promise that from cradle to grave, no matter what your race or ethnic origins, we intend to provide everyone the opportunity to use education as the pathway to realize his or her potential as a human being. We invite you to learn more about how we deliver on that promise.

    Act now. Decide Later.

    A lot of people don't know what they want to study or what career is best for them. An Associate of General Studies degree from Fort Hays State Virtual College will help you make the decision. Through our fully-accredited online courses, you'll explore a wide range of subjects and consider an array of careers. When you find the perfect fit, you'll already have your general education requirements under your belt. To find out more contact our Center for Interdiciplinary Studies.

    Create an Opportunity.

    Earning your bachelor's degree opens doors to better jobs and higher salaries. In fact, studies show that people with bachelor's degrees earn as much as a million dollars more over the course of their working lives than those who only have an associate's degree or high school diploma.

    Fort Hays State Virtual College offers the following affordable, fully-accredited degrees in:

    Business Communication
    Education-Early Childhood Unified
    Elementary Education
    Elementary Education TEAM K - 6 with Special Education Minor
    General Studies
    Information Networking & Telecommunications (Computer Networking and Telecommunications)
    Information Networking & Telecommunications (Web Development)
    Justice Studies
    Management-Concentration in Human Resource Management
    Management Information Systems
    Medical Diagnostic Imaging
    Nursing (RN to BSN)
    Organizational Leadership
    Political Science
    Technology Leadership
    Tourism and Hospitality Management
    Need something tailor made for you? Our flexible, innovative Bachelor of General Studies degree lets you customize a program of study that best meets your needs. Whether you just have a few semesters left to finish that undergraduate degree or you're just getting started, work with an advisor to build a program that gives you the knowledge and skills you need for success.

    Master your next move.

    If you really want to get ahead of your competition in the job market, a master's degree is the way to go. And it's not as difficult as you think. By taking fully-accredited online courses you can move your career and your income to the next level without turning your whole life upside down.

    The Virtual College offers several graduate degrees.

    Master of Liberal Studies
    Master of Science in Counseling
    Master of Science in Health and Human Performance
    Master of Science in Instructional Technology
    Master of Science in Nursing Administration
    Master of Science in Nursing Education
    Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner Track
    Master of Business Administration in Leadership
    Master of Science in Education
    Master of Science in Educational Administration (Principal)
    Master of Science in Special Education
    Professional Science Master's
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    wow I like these forums.. so many responses .. thanks.. I am considering college of western idaho.. its newest community college in this area, ive taken some courses at BSU and they are pretty expensive
  14. rizanater

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    and yes im still vague on my major.. honestly just want a degree that will make me more hireable in general.. i considered business because i dabble in small business.. but i would be open to suggestions.. someone here mentioned liberal arts?
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    You could either start with a general studies AA or AS degree and go from there. Try your local CCs first.

    Here's a link to Idaho Comm Colleges

    Try College of Southern Idaho Distance Ed.

    Or try North Idaho College E-learning page:

    Well, I think WSU is more invested in distance ed than UW, so there's that too!
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    That sounds good. Talk with the Admissions and or Counseling Center at CWI and see if they can develop a plan for you to get you to your associates degree with eventual transfer to a four-year school. Good luck!

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