Behavior Modification and ABA training

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  1. Hille

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    Good Morning,

    This is for myself. This is my interest base. I have explored the internet but am looking for the budget friendly courses since this is on my dime. I posted a this question over a year ago but am looking for any new information.

    Thanks. Hille
  2. Kizmet

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    ABA certification, AFAIK, is a professional cert that is regulated in that you have to take state sponsored exams, etc. in order to practice. Because of this I do not believe you're going to find some ultra-cheap version that will actually satisfy cert requirements. The good news is that there are programs everywhere (you knew that). Here's one

    Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate |
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    BACB is the organization for certifying behavioral analysts. Their education requirements have gotten strict, so you need to find a program that aligns with their requirements. I believe they have endorsed programs on their website. I would assume that a lot of states don't license behavioral analysts. Texas just started licensing them this year.

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