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    That particular combo says a lot - places it in the top 2% or so of Euro-orbit business schools.
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    An interesting article can be read here - it includes a list of triple crown accredited business schools:
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    I note two Swiss schools made the list - IMD in Lausanne, which I mentioned earlier in the thread and University of St. Gallen. The University there only dates from 1898, but learning goes back a lot further in St. Gallen - at the Monastery there. 1000 years ago, it was an umm...hotbed - if the word is suitable for monastic use - of German-speakers who wrote entirely in Latin. I remember 60 years ago, learning about Notker Balbulus (The Stammerer, 950-1027) and a couple of his contemporaries. Notker was learned and pious, but not the most exciting writer, by a long shot. Especially for a young guy of 17-18, as I was then.

    The business school must be more exciting. Oh yeah ... it has to be.
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  4. Hesitating to take a level 6 qualification. The price is a steal at only 345.45 GBP. This qualification is equal to a bachelor's degree.
    It can be completed in 9 months of time and focuses on the professional marketing side of business.
    I have already 6 master's degrees to complete. Don't know if I should add this one to my list.
    It hurts to let it aside for so little money.

    On my curriculum I now have an associate's degree in legal studies and a master of business administration (soon to be finished).
    It looks so weird if no bachelor's degree will be on my curriculum.
    This qualification could fill that gap.
    I swear 345.45 GBP is just a steal.
    Especially for a British qualification that's accredited (by institute of business and technology and business school of London).

    Still breaking my head over what to do. Buy or not...

    This is the one I'm thinking about.
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    Don't. I think you want something as a substitute for a bachelor's degree (extrapolation from your previous posts). But if yes, this is not the shortcut you might be looking for. As far as I know, it is not accredited by Ofqual. So, if you do it for the knowledge, I think it is perfect, but as a ersatz for a bachelor... no.
  6. So I looked at the Ofqual regulated qualifications and at the website of school of business, London for a cheap level 6 diploma that is still regulated.
    I found the APS Level 6 diploma in charted sales professionalism, 49 cats credits.
    Would this count as a bachelor-equivalent to visa authorities?
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    I don't know. I don't think so, however - this would be approx. 25 ECTS points. A Bachelor (Top - Up) would habe 60. So, rather no.

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