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    I have looked, but maybe I'm searching using the wrong terms.

    Any of you know of doctorate level degrees in org management or leadership or something like that, which also meet the criteria below?

    1. School is well known/respected nationally
    2. Either available face to face in the Washington DC area or hybrid with a few residencies.

    3. If possible, no GRE, GMAT, etc.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    - Regent University's Ph.D in Organizational Leadership. You have to spend 3 weekends in the summer in Virginia Beach. The program is cohort...

    - Indiana Tech

    - Capella University's Ph.D in Organization & Management with Leadership specialization.
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    Thanks for the response. George washington university has a couple programs I noticed.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    GWU is expensive, and GRE/GMAT requires. Unless you're in the Ph.D in System ENgineering/Engineering Management.
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    I really appreciate everyone's help!! I was looking for some options for a friend of mine. I appreciate all your time.
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    I received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from a NA school. University of Management and Technology. I have a Master of Science degree in Management and, have not had a problem receiving calls from employers for HR, Adjunct Faculty,project manager, analyst, program management and general management positions. It has been difficult for me to see the merit in the argument of those who speak ill of NA schools. I’ve had plenty of interaction, professional and personal, with people who’ve graduated from RA schools. I’ve been surprised at their lack of post-secondary level acumen. Any education at its core, will manifest itself by what the student puts into it, and how they apply it in the field. Having the degree will get you an interview, but unless one can articulate the concepts of their specialty, and if hired, apply it to the firm to increase bottom line and add value, they will go back to the drawing board RA, or NA degree. This school is recognized by the U.S. Department of education, CHEA( Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and DETC(Distance Education and Training). They also have programs that have (program accreditation) from PMI(Project Management Institute) as well as AAPM(American Academy of Project Managers ). I am still active duty, (Air Force) and just to ensure I have future success, I have attended career fairs and job interviews and, as I stated earlier, haven't hard a problem, getting offers. It has helped me serve on boards, and help me get hired for an Adjunct Faculty position, so I'm experiencing the payback. :D .. Plus the military also, recognizes national accreditation for commissioning programs.
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    Wow, holy thread necromancy!!! Why are you replying to multiple threads with the same response? One thread will sufice. We get it! Welcome to DegreeInfo. As a former military guy myself (Army) I'm just messing with you.
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    What is your point?
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    LOL, I love it!

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