Auburn's new campus in China

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  1. SteveFoerster

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    Does that mean Hong Kong is like their L.A., since it's almost like a different country and that's where the movies are made? :)

  2. Jonathan Liu

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    not accurate. in 2010, there are 9.46 milliom HS graduates took the college entrance exam, about half of them will be accepted into college. in 2009, there were 10.2 milliom HS graduates took the college entrance exam. the reason why 2010 has 0.74 milliom less kids is mainly because not so many kids grauated in 2010. studying abroad is still a very expensive choice for common chinese people. a lot of people in the country side cannot even afford the RMB10,000 per year tuition charged by many chinese universities.

    I know that Nottingham University in Ningbo China can accept student from 27 provinces (not whole china) through the regular national college entrance exam. So Auburn should be able to do so too. But the students need to apply, not be placed by government.
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  3. ITJD

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    Bah humbug!.. (and yes, I found a way to use bah humbug in the year 2010. :) )
  4. AUTiger00

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    My mistake, I stand corrected. I apologize, but doesn't the Chinese government have some say in which school a student attends? I am just referencing a conversation I had with a Chinese friend of mine, maybe I misunderstood him.
  5. Vincey37

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    Hmm...uh oh...

    79 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
    47 2010-2011 In-state: $7,900; Out-of-state: $20,500 28,699 57%
    85 Auburn University Auburn University, AL
    46 2010-2011 In-state: $7,900; Out-of-state: $21,916 24,602 80%

    US News 2011 out today!
  6. Tireman 44444

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    Autiger did say "almost any" ranking you can find. LOL
  7. Jonathan Liu

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    Talking about US News' Best Colleges guide, I have a 1999 edition at home. It was priced at $5.95 at that time. The latest 2011 edition is priced at $9.95. I do see a lot of inflation. However, the eggs sold at local Costco store is still just $1.99 for two dozens (yes! 24) after so many years. So it seems very hard for farmers to make a living while so many other things are inflated.
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  8. AUTiger00

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    I saw that, my post was written before the rankings were released. I supposed even USNWR can make a mistake. :) I still believe that Auburn is a superior school (not just because I am an alum, I truly believe this). Auburn's admission requirements are more rigorous and I think the admission rate reflects that fewer less qualified applicants bother applying to Auburn because it is tougher to get in.
    I also think we may be seeing the benefits of winning a football National Championship in this ranking as applications to UA increased substantially for this year, resulting in the ability to admit fewer of their applicants. Alabama shot up over twenty spots over last year's rankings.
    I'd also like to point out that the two schools are only ranked one spot apart (there was a 6 way tie for 79th so no schools were ranked #80-84).
    All that said, maybe I'm just bitter and I'll be the first to admit that I am biased.
  9. peejcj8

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    Roll Tide!
  10. AUTiger00

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    If you didn't go to Alabama, yelling that at someone just makes you look like an ass. You have no vested interest in the success of that program or the failure of Auburn. Read my post on trash talking etiquette.
  11. peejcj8

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    Whatever! Writing rules only make you look like an ass. I was born in the fine state of Alabama, I can talk whatever trash I feel.

    Roll Tide
  12. b4cz28

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    Roll Tide!!!!!
  13. Jonathan Liu

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    calm down, guys! Let's talk something about distance learning. The topic about Aubie vs. Big Al, just like the one about Reveille vs. Bevo, is endless. People on this board are friends tied by the interests in distance learning.
  14. SurfDoctor

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    Hey guys, please cut with the name calling.
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  15. lawrenceq

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    You are talking about a state with no professional sports team. It's pick a school and ride with them down here.
  16. AUTiger00

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    I stand by my original statement.
  17. Jonathan Liu

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    Auburn 22 : Oregon 19

    Auburn is the No. 1. War Eagle!
  18. lawrenceq

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    I saw that but I'm not allowed to say anything because of the rules AUTiger00 laid out. :grumble:
  19. AUTiger00

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    War Damn Eagle!
  20. lawrenceq

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    I knew it was coming. :cool:

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