Auburn's new campus in China

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Jonathan Liu, Aug 13, 2010.

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    I guess you can say The Barn is international now.

  3. AUTiger00

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    Wow, the first US university to do so. It still needs to be approved by the Board of Trustees though. I think this is great for Auburn and will really grow our international presence/reputation.

    Funny story, when I was in Beijing in 2007 I had on an Auburn t-shirt and heard someone yelling 'War Eagle!' from across a crowded street. I Chinese man came barreling across the street to say hello. Apparently he did a masters in Engineering at Auburn in the '90s. So I know we have at least one advocate for the school on the ground over there.
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    My brother-in-law a graduate of Auburn's engineering school (electrical). I bash Auburn because I live a few miles away from the University of Alabama, but I will say this, they have a good engineering program.
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    Hope Auburn has more success than Michigan State Dubai.
  6. AUTiger00

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    Okay Lawrence, let me educate you on two points:

    1. Auburn is a superior school to the University of Alabama. I'm not saying this because I am an Auburn alum, I'm saying it because it is true and almost any rankings you can find, and certainly all the relevant ones, will support my claim.

    2. Living near a university does not give you trash-talking rights. You can support the Univ. of Alabama if you so choose, but living in close proximity to the campus does not mean you have a vested interest in the success or failure of said institution or its rivals. I am not opposed to anyone supporting whatever school they choose, but trash talking rights go as follows:

    -All alumni of a school may be vocal in their support of said school and their disdain of any rival/opponent. For instance, I choose to say that the University of Alabama is a joke of an academic institution and brags about National Championships it has never won. Because I am an Auburn alum (and in this instance, also because it is true), I am within my rights to do so.

    -If your significant other attended a college/university with a large athletic program and you did not, you may support your significant other's alma mater and talk trash to said institutions opponents/rivals, but only when in the company of your significant other. This rule also applies to the alma maters of your parents and siblings.

    -If both you and your significant other attended universities with reputable athletic departments, you may cheer for your significant other's team, but not when they are playing your alma mater.

    -You may choose to support any team you wish, but if you have no affiliation to said institution as referenced above, you are not endowed with any trash talking rights. While you can cheer for the success of said school, you may not disparage a rival institution.

    Please apologize to your brother-in-law post haste and follow the above referenced rules moving forward.

    Kind Regards,

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    Good Post!

    You know good and well those rules don't fly down here.
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    I apologize in advance for hi-jacking this thread in the name of collegiate competitiveness :)

    - Auburn got the number one in terms of a physical campus..
    - UMass got the number one in terms of online classes..
    UMass, China agree on online classes - The Boston Globe

    Discuss :)
  9. AUTiger00

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    Auburn wins. As everyone on this board knows B&M > DL everytime. (to anyone that is going to get defensive about this comment, relax, I'm only kidding. Auburn still wins.)
  10. AUTiger00

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    No, but they should. As a well mannered Southerner you should know that these rules are sound. I will assume you were raised in the proper Southern tradition of being a well-mannered gentleman, don't start behaving like a yankee.
  11. lawrenceq

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    That sounds like me (well-mannered) but you should hear the callers on the local sports radio shows.

    You see I didn't go into the normal Alabama fan battle mode and start typing in all caps. ;)
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  14. -kevin-

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    Ok, first, Congrats to Auburn.

    Now for the smack....I'm an Auburn grad (decades before AUTiger) but currently attending 'Bama. I was a 'Bama fan long before attending college (Bear Bryant was the coach). Auburn was robbed the year they went undefeated, but as good Alabama fans know, the only thing that matters is braggin' rights after the Iron Bowl, and they don't care about no stinkin' scholastic rankings when Saturday gets here.
  15. AUTiger00

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    I can understand why Alabama doesn't care about scholastic bragging rights, they have none. Scholastic achievement at that school is as mythical as their "13" National Championships. Oh by the way, Bear Bryant is dead. Tide fans seem to love holding onto the ancient past, apparently because the recent past (last season exclude) has been so disappointing.
  16. CalDog

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    Auburn states that:
    Not sure if this is really a "first" for a US school. Johns Hopkins and Nanjing University have been jointly operating a graduate school campus in Nanjing since 1986. It does appear that the proposed Auburn program will be larger, more comprehensive, and more like a full university.
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    I'm sure I saw him cruising with get ribs...
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  18. AUTiger00

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    I know someone that did the Johns Hopkins program. He now runs an apparel company based in Beijing. The difference is, that program is in conjunction/partnership with Nanjing Univ. The degree has both schools listed. It appears the Auburn campus will be stand alone.
  19. Jonathan Liu

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    That's true. Currently there are just two UK universities, Nottingham and Liverpool are allowed to have campuses and grant British degrees in China. Both of their campuses are close to Shanghai.

    Now Auburn picks a campus near Shanghai too.
  20. AUTiger00

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    Shanghai is essentially the NYC of China, while Beijing is like our DC. There is am immense amount of growth in and around Shanghai, so I think it makes sense.

    Chinese students have to take an exam and are then placed in a University chosen by the government. The number of students taking the exam in the last few years has dropped dramatically as young Chinese have decided to study outside the country. I wonder if Chinese students will be "placed" in the Auburn campus?

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