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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by SteveFoerster, Apr 23, 2015.

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    That's Matt Reed, his blog also appears on
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    I have no data to back up this statement but my casual understanding is that the vast majority of students are not aware of CLEPs and how many credits can be earned that way. As for using MOOCs to prep for CLEPs, some brilliant person thought of that once upon a time (post #4):biglaugh:
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    I like to think that there are really no "wrong" answers when it comes to higher ed. There are paths that are cheaper than others. There are pathways that lead to more prestigious credentials from more prestigious schools. But at the end of the day, even an associates degree from a nationally accredited school can help you achieve your dream (depending upon what your dream is).

    I served with a guy in the Navy. Let's call him Kenny (because that's his name). Kenny is, what we might describe as, a moron. He acts like a moron. He dresses like a moron. Whenever he opens his mouth, even the most charitable soul looks at him and at least thinks "Wow, what a moron."

    Kenny got out of the Navy and earned a B.A. in Sociology from PennState. It took him nearly six years to earn the degree because he had to keep retaking classes he failed (largely due to skipping them to go out and drink and engage in other moronic behavior). Today Kenny is gainfully employed as a call center representative and loudly proclaims all over facebook that the whole of higher ed is a scam because he can't get a "real job." When challenged, by the way, Kenny identifies his ideal "real job" as "being in charge of Hustler."

    Kenny and I have a mutual friend named Nina. She also served with us. She earned an associates from a for-profit culinary school which cost more than my B.S. and M.S. combined. Nina loaded up her car and drove to New York and got a job by the end of the day following her arrival. She worked hard and took on additional responsibilities. Today, she's the sous-chef in a restaurant that has a bunch of stars and awards from tire companies and some dude named James Beard.

    Nina is living her dream. Kenny is living in a place of bitterness because his degree didn't propel him to sitting atop a porn empire.

    Point: The cheaper path is not always the better path. The more prestigious path is not always the path that leads to your dreams.

    Can you use MOOCs to study for CLEP? Sure. But if you want a degree from ASU, this might be a better option. Not every school accepts CLEP. And not everyone wants a degree from one of the Big 3. If you live in AZ, I can only assume than an ASU degree will buy you more name recognition than a degree from TESC. Is it worth the premium tuition? I don't know because that isn't my path.

    But the fact that this is being done at all is a good sign, in my opinion. If it proves viable, we may see the price fall. It's no different, in my mind, from my having paid $2k for my first laptop and now being able to pick one up for $500. I'm much less concerned with the price than the innovation itself.
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    You had me at "Sociology".

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