Assumption University (Thailand) - MA/PhD (eLearning/Teaching/Technology/Management)

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    *Disclaimer - What I'm about to say is totally unfair

    This is the kind of school that makes me worried. The red flags go up and I hear that music from "Jaws" slowly start up in the background. I don't know anything about this school so it's unfair to be suspicious . . . but I'm suspicious. And I don't have the time to check into it. Hopefully someone will do a background check on this place because it gives me that creepy feeling.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    Well, this much is true, at least.

    It's a Catholic university that's been around for half a century and offers a number of interesting programs. There's nothing wrong with it, and your suspecting otherwise is frankly a little surprising, especially since I know you're not prejudiced against schools that aren't in the U.S.
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    OK. My mistake. I apologize to Assumption and all the Assumptionites.:sad6:
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    Maybe it was the name that rubbed you the wrong way? It is not strange to a Catholic (or Orthodox for that matter): a lot of things are named after the feast of Assumption (of the Blessed Virgin Mary).
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    It's an unknown (to us, anyway) school in a place where university standards are unknown (to us, anyway). So it's probably healthy to ask some questions.

    As others have said, I believe that this one is legitimate. It seems to have been some kind of long established business college that was accredited as a higher education institution in the 1970's and assumed university status around 1990. It's private and religiously affiliated (Roman Catholic). In Thailand, it's known for enrolling lots of foreign students (non-Thais), twice as many as any other Thai university. Part of the reason might be Assumption's offering all of its programs in English. (Thai isn't widely used outside Thailand.)

    It claims to be approved/accredited by the Thai Ministry of University Affairs and indeed appears in their listing.

    Here's a brief descriptive blurb from the ministry's website:

    And something from the ministry mentioning Assumption's large number of foreign students:

    And this:
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    Sometimes I shoot first and maybe, if I'm in a good mood, I ask questions later.

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    The United States Ambassador to Thailand delivering a speech at Assumption:

    The United States Consul General in Bankok says that she took classes at Assumption

    For those that can't get enough of this stuff, here's an overview of Thai private higher education. Thailand is more than 90% Buddhist, but two public specialist Buddhist universities have traditionally served religious practitioners/monastics and some of the other more secular state universities offer religious studies up through the doctoral level with Buddhist emphases. The private religious schools apparently largely exist to serve religious minorities and are mostly Christian. Assumption is said to be the most prominent of these.
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    The school is clearly legitimate, and seem to be good by Thai standards. Thailand is a high HDI country - not exactly The Gambia.
    On the other hand, and chiefly because Thailand is not dirt poor: the degrees are cheaper than US ones, but not drastically so. How many people would pay $8K for Thai MBA when you can find RA MBA in essentially the same price range? Patten/WGU degree can potentially be done cheaper.

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