Associate of Science in General Studies City U of seattle.

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    So in my everlasting search to find new and better ways to rack up points on my Navy advancement, I discovered Associate of Science in General Studies from City U.

    AS in General Studies | College Degree

    This is a 90 Credit required degree but luckily military personnel can transfer 85 of those in and only need to complete the capstone course!
    And that also means that your Capstone course is your residency requirement.

    I had an unofficial evaluation done with them and am happy to say that they took my ACE credits from ALEKS to fill the math requirements and my military credits seemed to fill the rest.
    Also after e-mailing them some questions, I was told that they do accept NCCRS credits.

    The school is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

    City University of Seattle Course Equivalency Guide | StraighterLine
    they are also partnered with SL, decided to include course equivelicy page for them.
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    Great find, what will be the cost to transfer 85 credits and complete the capstone?

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