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    Been in the United States Army (The best branch) for going on 8 years. I am a Staff Sergeant who is for now stuck in recruiting duty. I am looking for a clear cut simple plan to get a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

    I have shopped around at different colleges and I will list what I have found:

    -Ashford University
    15 Credits for my JST. I was orginally told that I would be able to recieve at least 25 credits. I signed up and took the first class with them but then they cut my credits which ticked me off so I dropped them.

    -Thomas Edison State University
    21 FEMA credits
    3 JST credits
    Sounded good initally, only problem was it was an A.S. in Enviromental, Safety and Securtiy tech. I have 3 months left of the FEMA credits before they do away with them.

    Post University
    33 JST
    3-15 possible college additional credits

    Not bad considering it will go into a B.S. in Criminal Justice, I just do not like how they have no idea what straighterline is or if it will be accepted.

    Additional Notes:

    I am trying to stay with Military TA and Pell Grants as I am transferring my GI Bill to my children. I would like to use a side program like straighterline to knock out my GEN ED since I hate it. I am about 2 hours away from the nearest Military insitiution so CLEP is hard to come by for me.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    Welcome, and thank you for your service, even though you went to the dark side (recruiting). :cool:

    Airtorn had a great suggestion with Liberty, they're very military-friendly, and offer a significant discount for active duty, veterans, and first responders. Besides that. there are 3 RA schools for Criminal Justice that are especially military-friendly, will accept alternative credits, and the cost is very reasonable;

    Columbia College: On Campus & Online - Associate, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

    Accredited, Flexible Degree Programs | Bellevue University

    American Public University System - Official Site - 877-755-2787

    BTW, you don't need a military base to take CLEP exams, they're administered all over the country in many locations. You might have to pay for them at a civilian site, but if you can find a better deal than $80 for 3-6 college credits, let me know.

    Good luck!
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    TESU no longer accepts FEMA IS credits. The only way they can still count toward your degree is if you have maintained enrollment from before they changed their policy. TESU, however, will accept FEMA courses that are approved for college credit by ACE. I would recommend Patten University, but, if I recall correctly, they don't deal with TA. If you're concerned about cost, you should take a look at Fort Hays State University. I believe they accept Straighterline courses. Charter Oak State University accepts FEMA IS courses and Straighterline. The only issue with them is that they only have a BS in General Studies with a concentration in Criminal Justice.

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