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  1. Scot

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    Does anyone know if Aspen University accepts CLEP credits?
  2. Ted Heiks

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  3. Scot

    Scot New Member

    Thanks for the advice...however if I had found the information there, I wouldn't have asked. :) I am in the application process with aspen right now, and I was the first person that ever asked my enrollment councillor (he's been there only a few months, and I think they get more masters enrollements than bachelors). I am already transfering and/or challenging 42 credits, and I wasn't sure what their policy was. The councilor asked his super, who said yes, but the registrar was out for the next few days in order to get a clear policy and requirements. I just thought I would ask here hoping someone would just already know.

    Since I am transfering 12 credits, and challenging 30 with my portfolio (25% is the max allowed by aspen for challenging classes with portfolio credits), I was looking at CLEP to cover any other additional applicable freshman and sophmore credits I could get. Some of my portfolio covers some 300 and 400 level classes. If I can get CLEPable classes out of the way, I can complete my junior and senior year in 1 year plus 1 term.

  4. novadar

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    You could complete this with much greater ease and much LOWER cost at a Big Three school.

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