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    Hello all:
    I'm needing to reinforce and also get some additional training in Finance to take care of new job responsibilities. I have an AAS in Health Information Technology , a BHA and an MHA . All three degrees are light on accounting and finance, with only a few survey courses sprinkled here and there. Since everyone asks about accreditation in this forum, the AAS is RA, the BHA is NA, and the MHA is RA.

    In looking for value and a relevant, practical curriculum, I came across Ashworth's AAS in Finance, which has the essential courses I think I would benefit from the most and the self pacing that I require. It's not the credential I'm needing, just the training since I already have a Master's and there's little value(and time) the MBA in Finance would bring at this point in my career. And the price is right, especially when you consider potential credit transfer...could easily come out to around $500 total.

    My question relates to the level of instruction I would receive at this college. What is the extent of the interaction with instructors? Are they accessible, and helpful? If you have experience as a student, please assist me. It's appreciated.

    Or, if someone out there has experience with another school, please share. I am also looking at non-credit courses at Corporate Financial Institute, but there is no instructor support.

    Thanks again,
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    Ashworth delivers an independent study program, so the interaction with instructors is what you decide to make of it based on your needs. You can decide to never deal with them and only speak to tutors, you can speak to them exclusively and never deal with tutors, or you can figure it all out on your own and never speak to anyone. Totally up to you.

    Most instructors can be reached by email, you just have to check the contact system inside the class and find their school email address. Some can be contacted by phone. They don't post classroom hours, but inside the classroom you can see when your class instructors are available. Like with any other program, helpfulness will vary between instructors.

    You'll either get ebooks or the standard textbooks you'd get at any other school, depends on the course.

    A current student let me see their current in-class materials and they seem a lot more, ummmm, streamlined than what was there when I attended. Back when I was there, the classes had interactive materials, videos, preparation quizzes, audio books, and a few other nice tools. It appears they've switched to a new platform and almost all of that is gone, so it feels very sterile by comparison, but at the same time more like most online classrooms you'll encounter at other schools. Really a bummer to see that, their old class system was one of the things they did best. But, since you weren't there then you won't feel like you've missed anything.

    There will be lots of reading, up to six exams per course, and up to 2 papers per course (with the exception of capstone courses where you have 8 papers). There will also be a semester exam.

    For me, it was a good situation. Having attended many schools of pretty much every type (RA, NA, unaccredited, faith-based, for-profit, non-profit, private, public) I had the fewest problems with this school.
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    Thank you very much. I have discarded the possibility of the Grad Certificate, just weighing that vs a 30 credit MBA. And would love to get some training through London.
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    Thank you very much for this useful feedback. That sure is a lot of testing too.

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