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    A familiar voice was on the line when I picked up the phone just now. Usually it is saying "Thank you for calling the University Degree Program. If you know your party's extension..."

    But this time it was a LIVE PERSON who called to describe the "online degree program" offered by ASHBOURNE UNIVERSITY (spelling is ambiguous).

    I told her that I recognized her voice from the University Degree Program recordings, which rattled her a bit, derailing her from her sales script.

    She identified herself as Ashbourne's Registrar and, in her befuddled state, couldn't improvise answers to questions about the qualifications of their "faculty," the existence of "chat rooms" for faculty-student interaction, etc. etc, etc.

    I asked if Ashbourne was in violation of the Education Reform Act of 1988 since she said they were based in London. This didn't exactly help her get back to the script. (I never got to hear the rumored "chortle.")

    After a while she gave up and rang off. I looked briefly, but couldn't find Ash... on the web.

    Persistent, aren't they?


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    That's the first time I've heard of a mill making a cold call.
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    Now, now.........:D

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