As usual, Cheney lied

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Mr. Engineer, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Mr. Engineer

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    As usual, Cheney lied. He has not only met Edwards before, he stood right next to him at a prayer meeting.

    I guess our Veep is too senile to remember. And you want this guy in office?

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  2. Guest

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    If you listened, carefully, you would know Cheney was speaking in the context of senate business, not some prayer breakfast.

    I hope your blueprints are clearer than your perceptual abilities!
  3. Mr. Engineer

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    The prayer meeting was held at the Capitol to my understanding (although technically against the law - however our chief LE officer, Ashcroft, holds them all of the time).

    Clinton lies about a BJ, Cheney/Bush lie about a war. Humm - the Right thinks it is OK to lie as long as it supports a Republican ideal.

    Read the transcripts. Cheney clearly said that he had never met Edwards personally before their meeting yesterday. Just like he clearly said there is a direct connection between 9/11 and Saddam. (he lied about that too).

    Face it, he can't help it.
  4. Guest

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    Listen to the debate again, Mr. Engineer. Edwards' Senate record attendance was being discussed, not attendance at some prayer breakfast.

    Remember, Cheney told Edwards that Edwards' own hometown newspaper called him "Senator Gond," because he missed so many Senate hearings.
  5. philosophy

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    I hope that you will correct your spelling... it is "Senator Gone" not "Senator Gond."
  6. Guest

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    Re: reply

    Typos and misspellings are not synonomous!
  7. javila5400

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    Mr. Engineer,

    That was not Edwards at the prayer meeting. That was just a decoy. The real edwards was too busy saving the world.

  8. javila5400

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    Re: reply


    That was an honest typo. Jim meant to type "SENATOR GONAD."
  9. mcjon77

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    Actually Cheney did exagerate/lie/forgot about never meeting Edwards before. The whole "in the context of Senate Business" thing doesn't hold water because the debate itself was not Senate business. So saying that this was the first time he met Edwards must include meetings outside of Senate business.

    That said, It was still a wonderful blow to Edwards. My buddies and I were watching the debate. Most of us debated in college and or highschool, and love it the way other men love football. When Cheney said that, even one of the democrats in the room said "that was artwork". Debaters live for moments like that. even though papers are now reporting that it is false, the impression was made, and the correction has not been disseminated thoroughly enough to counteract it.

    Part of it stems from the fact that even in correcting that statement, one still has to acknowledge that the other things said about Edward's attendance were correct. I think Edwards was so shell shocked by the attack that he froze. Had he remembered the 3 other times he and the Vice President met, and calmly repeated them, Cheney would have looked either dishonest or senile.

    I find it funny that Edwards mentioned Haliburton 2 or 3 times before Cheney talked about the absenses, but after being blown away like that he never mentioned it again in the debate.


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