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    This article relates to education generally, rather than distance learning. While I don't agree with evaluating everything by return on investment, it offers some perspective for those from North America who are considering a distance learning degree from Britain.

    "The expansion of British higher education has brought lots of cowboys, as well as angels. And it’s scandalously hard for students to tell which is which."
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    Which article? (You neither named nor linked it.) I just wanted to see if I'm a cowboy or an angel.
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    Wouldn't a pointless degree be, by definition , well rounded?

    Thank you very much folks, I'll be here all week. Mixed drinks available from the bar and don't forget to tip the waitresses.
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    The plus side is that both cowboys and angels are pretty cool just in different ways and in different scenarios. So if the only two possibilities are for you to be a cowboy or an angel you really can't lose.
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    So since we're dragging this thread waaay off-topic . . . don't you think that Cowboys & Aliens was the absolute worst movie ever made and doesn't that then elevate it to be one of the most fun to watch?
  7. Neuhaus

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    I didn't care for it. I like watching old Ed Wood movies for my "so bad it's fun" fix.

    Though, perhaps we should make a movie about DL. Matthew McConaughey can play Rich. I'm thinking Nick Offerman might make a good John Bear. And I think that combination alone would put it in the running for worst movie ever made.
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    Deleted _-------
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    The link is embedded in the word "article", which is why that particular word is blue and not black.
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    You've got a point there, Oblio.
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    I kind of like "Cowboys & Aliens". For me, "Battlefield Earth" will forever take the prize as the all-time worst big budget movie and no, it still isn't fun to watch.
  17. AV8R

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    I predict it will end up being lampooned on a future episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  18. Rich Douglas

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    There are some who believe it to be a documentary.
  19. Kizmet

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    I love those little robots

  20. jfosj

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    Try "Cowboys vs Dinosaurs"....

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