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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by tgrusso78, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. tgrusso78

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    Having studied a bit more about some of the institutions where you can apply more than 40 or so hours of test credit to your degree, I have to ask if anyone has any information regarding whether the military allows a degree from say Excelsior to be used for consideration for OCS?
  2. PhD2B

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    Are you currently at Fort Lee?

    I was one of three members of an OCS selection board while I was stationed at Fort Lee and the subject of where any of the applicants earned their college credits or degree was ever a consideration. If the university is RA, which Excelsior is, you should have nothing to worry about.
  3. CoachTurner

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    There are ALOT of military folk with degrees from Excelsior. IMHO -- the single most Excelsior/DL receptive group of people is the United States Army.

  4. tgrusso78

    tgrusso78 New Member

    That is excellent news. Yes, I am stationed at Fort Lee. Being a late comer to the Army (27 yo), I feel it would be a lot more efficient use of what I have learned in life to use exams as a means to prove my knowledge. I'm glad there are forward thinking Universities that do not place some arbitrary limit on the amount of credit you can use via examination.

    At present I'm enrolled in EArmyU with Fayetteville Tech CC, and also on post with St. Leo. I just contacted Excelsior, and hope to hear back from them. I see no reason to work harder when I can work smarter!

    Would you mind if I ask some questions sometime regarding OCS selection? Currently I was debating the green to gold option, but don't particularly want to go back to school full time as I'm married. Thanks for your fast replies.
  5. Rich Douglas

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    When I was an enlisted guy, I was an education specialist. There were five of us working on our Regents (now Excelsior) degrees. All five graduated, and four became officers. The fifth separated and became a civilian.

    My Regents (now Excelsior) degree was accepted by the Navy, Army, and Air Force for OTS/OCS. I decided to stay in the Air Force.
  6. lurker

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    If you haven't yet, check out

    I was just recently commissioned into the Air Force and used the Air Force board alot during the application process.

    All the services are on the same portal, so I checked out the Army board a few times when the Air Force one was slow. TONS of info, recruiters & AD officers post there, there is a board for any question you could possibly have and the site is very active...Army was probably the most active one of all the branches.

    Good luck!
  7. me4army

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    The Army accepts both RA/NA degrees for OCS, and no difference is made between brick/mortar or distance learning.

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