Arias suspended by California State University !!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Gert Potgieter, Dec 18, 2001.

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    Rich brings up a great point.

    This concept is great. This could have been a terrific things with a very useful purpose. It's a crying shame what the reality turned out to be.

    I would hope that in the future we will see more "migs-like" ideas for schools come to fruition, but without all of the migs-bagage and chicanery.
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    Let me use this paragraph as a springboard to return this thread to the original topic: the illustrious Armando Arias, whose ass is now on the line with CSU=MB (Californis Stet University at Monterey Bay) . . .

    During the lawsuit circus, I had the impression that if there were any one person who had noble goals, it was Arias. I had read some papers he had written that were published by a think tank affiliated with Michigan State U., and his goals seemed quite realistic: increasing doctoral opportunities for minority populations, several of which are located in the Monterey Bay area in which he is based at CSU. Arias' goal, he noted, was to secure corporate funding to help achieve this goal. And secure corporate funding he did, such as it was, from the Danzigs (who, as we all know, had their own agenda).

    Like Rich, I attempted to contact Arias, and also received no response. I don't know whether it's because he is a numbnut, or whether he had been directed by Enrique & Co. not to respond, but that's a moot point.

    The key question at this juncture, however, is whether Arias should have a future with CSU-MB. He is obviously well qualified in terms of his credentials, but severely lacking when it comes to professional discernment.

    My vote, heartless as it may seem, is that they should can his ass. For better or worse, naiveté has no place in higher education administration, which is already full of incompetence with a heavy dose of politics. As a dean, Arias holds the future of many students in his hands, and they to not need an inept nincompoop in that kind of role. And if Arias was dumb enough to fall for the MIGS act (I still give the notion of his sincerity the benefit of doubt), then he's too dumb to be running major departments in a state university that is seeking accreditation from WASC (the most tight-assed of all regional accreditors, as they should be - after all, we're talking about California here). Remember that in addition to serving as a dean, Arias is also a vice-president of CSU-MB, and CSU-MB deserves better.

    Is there a place for Arias in higher education? Hell, yes - higher education needs someone with a concern for minority opportunities, especially at the graduate level. But if Arias wants to begin to restore his credibility, he should do now what he should have done long ago - admit that he screwed up big time and move on with his professional and personal life. Unfortunately, his own denial has resulted in a major blight against CSU-MB, and it's time for him to move on from there as well. The guy is a novice when it comes to understanding the system, and he's obviously not yet ready for the big time.
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    Gee, Steve,

    Tell us how you *really* feel [​IMG]
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    What I've always hated about Steve is how he beats around the bush. <GRIN>

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