Are you working in your degree field?

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Are you working in your degree field?

  1. Yes

    26 vote(s)
  2. No

    11 vote(s)
  1. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. Koolcypher

    Koolcypher Member

    I'm former military, will start working as a political/governmental policy consultant in May. So in a nutshell, yes. Hope that helps! :naughty:
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I work as a manager (PhD in Business/Management) and manage mostly IT teams (MS-ITM) in the healthcare industry (Graduate certificate). I also work with the marketing team (MBA in Marketing) so yes on all counts.
  4. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Ummm...which degree again?
  5. _T_

    _T_ New Member

    Degree in management: Check
    Job in management: Check.
  6. jackson07

    jackson07 New Member

    Working in logistics, degree in progress in logistics.
  7. StefanM

    StefanM New Member

    I voted no, but my degrees are somewhat related.

    My BA is in Ministry. I'm not a minister, but I work for a religious college.

    My MA is in Human Services. I work in student services, so it's close but not exactly the same field.

    I will begin an EdD in Higher Education in May, and that will be in my field.

    It seems that I get closer with each degree.
  8. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, at least for three of my degrees.

    I just had my 24th anniversary of being appointed as a police officer, so my Criminal Justice degrees have been quite relevant and useful.
  9. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    My degrees will be in Social Sciences and Business. I work neither in the social sciences nor in management, but since every job in the world has both a social and business aspect to it, I'm not sure how to answer. That is, however, my reasoning for choosing these majors. My job skills always have been, and likely always will be, independently learned. The degrees are set to match any resume I will need to put together for any potential job.
  10. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    I have a BS in Behavioral Science. I do not work in my degree field. For the past 12+ years I've worked in the pharmaceutical industry, primarily in a technical role. I currently work in the promotional operations department. However, like MC, I feel that my degree is broad enough that it applies to just about any field.

    I am currently submitting applications to Master of Public Health (MPH) programs, with the goal of eventually working in my degree field (either at my present company, or elsewhere).
  11. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    MBA in Management, Ph.D. in Organization/Management - teach Management at a small liberal arts university. Yep.
  12. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    I haven't finished my degree yet, but yes I do. Of course, I worked in my degree field prior to starting my studies.
  13. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    No, I'm not working in my degree field.
  14. Hadashi no Gen

    Hadashi no Gen New Member

    My Bachelors is in Behavioral Science, and I currently work at a food co-op where I enjoy assessing the behavior of it's patrons.

    I also work at a psychiatric hospital as a Mental Health Worker, so I guess it applies there too ;)

    I have worked for two years as a Mental Health Counseling intern for my Masters degree, and will hopefully be paid a wage to do counseling once I graduate in a month. We shall see!! If not, the food co-op is not too bad of a back up. And I guess that I wouldn't be the only person who works there with an advanced degree.
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  15. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    I have a master's in Ed Tech and just finishing up an EdS in Curriculum and Instruction. I'm a teacher, so that's a pretty good fit.
  16. msganti

    msganti Active Member

    My Bachelor's is in Mechanical Engineering. I never worked in that field. I am working as a software programmer since last 13 years
  17. PatsGirl1

    PatsGirl1 New Member

    Nope, not by a long shot. I work for my state government as an analyst/troubleshooter. My undergrad is English, my MBA is in Health Care Admin, and I want to work in Homeland Security/Public Health/Emergency Preparedness, so NOPE. Not close *sigh*

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