Are there any self-paced programs for the mentally ill?

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  1. Charlie1

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    Hi all! Charlene here. Long time lurker. I’ve been searching but haven’t been very successful. I have a relative who is 20 and was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was once a really bright kid until mental health issues happened. He barely graduated from high school and his road to recover has been filled with ups and downs. He has paranoia so synchronous classes are no good. Are there any self-paced distance learning programs with no interaction with other students and only contact with the professor if necessary available that will give the student college credit once they are done with the course? Does Western Governors University fit the bill? It doesn’t necessarily need to lead to a degree. He is currently taking free non-credit classes online and we feel it’s a shame to put so much work and not get any credit for it. Are there any programs that offer distance learning classes with minimal people contact where one can watch videos and hopefully at most take an exam at the end and get college credit for it? We are hoping that he can start slow, take a few classes that offer college credit and after years gather a bunch of college credits and depending on his mental health situation (hopefully recovering) earn a degree of some kind. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  2. WGU, Univ of Maine Presque Isle yourpace for competency based. He can do Sophia and courses as well to transfer in to either of the above and save money, or do with what is commonly called the big 3. If you search here and also the sister forum you will find ton of info.

    Right now I would lean to recommend UMPI I'd there is a degree there he would be interested in, doing most courses at Sophia, a few at, Instacert for Spanish then finish up final 30 credit hours at UMPI over a term or two. Can be all done under 4 k.

    All self paced, online and may work for your nephew.
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    Hello! Thank you so much for the info. I like University of Maine Preque Isle. It's the first time that I've heard of the school. Just so I understand, he should do most courses at Sophia, some at and the language requirement Spanish at Instacert and finish up at UMPI and get a degree there? That sounds great.

    I will tell my sister about it so that she can research it. Just out of curiosity, how did you know it is my nephew? You are psychic!
    Thanks again.
  4. Yes, at UMPI he can transfer in 90 of the 120 credit hours needed for a degree and finish online the last 30 with UMPI at own pace.lots have done that in two semesters, each semester being 8 weeks at $1,400 a semester. Degree forum had a whole subforum just on UMPI with various plans of what course to take where etc. it has become a favorite of people doing college online in this method of using transfer credits to be less expensive and faster. It is still however work.

    If your nephew(I actually for some reason said nephew after reading you say relative and he) is smart, and you say he is, and can stay focused, no question he can do it.
  5. here is a great thread on a plan for a Business degree, even if not interested in business, the general education stuff will apply to all UMPI degree plans.

    Have him start with class to do the general education stuff. Then do a language (if he doesn't already have a second language, many recommend doing Spanish at Instacert) and then whatever to fill in that will let him bring 90 credits into UMPI that goes towards what degree he wants .

    Here are the programs they offer in the your pace competency format.
  6. Rachel83az

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    If he knows a second language, he could possibly take an ACTFL exam instead of InstantCert. But InstantCert is great if he isn't fluent enough in a language for that.

    Also, he's going to need a science-with-a-lab for UMPI. Bio 101L at is recommended. Do not do English Comp anywhere but UMPI. UMPI is one paper per class. Sophia is four (IIRC) for the first, seven (I think) for the second. is two or three per class.
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  7. Johann

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    This thread is an inspiring read! A young man with this condition, undertaking degree studies. What a smack in the eye for schizophrenia, which thoroughly deserves many smacks! Charlie1, I wish your nephew every success - and you came to the right place. Thanks to the people here for great suggestions.

    I have a little bit of familiarity with schizophrenia (college study and acquaintances) - and it's the great robber, stealing expectations from young adults. It seems often, to pick its victims from those with the greatest potential. It'll be a super day when this young man graduates - and with the help he has, I'm dead sure he WILL! Kudos to everyone here who made suggestions! :)
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  8. Vicki

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    I think WGU would be difficult since you have to have proctors. I guess it depends on his severity. I had an aunt with Schizophrenia. It also started when she was a young adult. There’s no way she could have completed a degree program, but there were much fewer options back then. I’ll tell ya what though, despite her disability, We learned only after her death (she lived a long life) how much the community cared about her. A local business posted her photo and a little bit about how she regularly visited. The post had literally hundreds of people commenting about how much they loved her and a story of how she touched their lives. I think if your nephew has a good support system, he will be able to succeed in his efforts.
  9. AsianStew

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    I would skip the thought of a Bachelors degree for later... you may want to have him focus on a Pierpont BOG AAS using the free course or the $25 ASU, and then taking all the courses and CLEP/ exams he can handle. Invest in a second monitor and work on the courses that do not have any written assignments first, then try and get up to 90+ credits if he has the energy and time to get things done in preparation of a Bachelors, you can then revisit the UMPI idea once the Pierpont BOG AAS has been finalized. courses are all open book, non proctored, it is his cheap, easy, fast option to getting college credits: Pierpont C&TC - Degree Forum Wiki (
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  10. Charlie1

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    Thanks ago for the info. I passed along the information to my sister and unfortunately, I didn't realize the UMPI was so expensive. They can not afford $1,400 a semester. But right now he is not there yet. I hope they start with Sophia first and hopefully he is successful. He's had cognitive decline and the meds have so much side effects. Thanks ago for the wealth of information.
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    Unfortunately, he can only speak English but he did study Spanish in High School so I think they will probably go with Spanish at InstantCert? I need to research InstantCert. I have no idea what that is. Thanks for your advice.
  12. Charlie1

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    Thank you so much. I hope he succeeds. He's been in and out of hospitals for the last 3 years. It's hard to find the right meds and with the least side effects. My nephew was so smart. He loved to write. He wanted to be a writer prior to his diagnosis. He had many of his pieces published in his monthly high school. Unfortunately, during his senior year he was writing gibberish. His high school knew there was a problem. He is doing a little better now and taking classes. We hope he continues to do well. He's had relapses in the past. There are many ups and downs. Thank you so much for the support.
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  13. Charlie1

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    He has paranoia so he thinks that people are bothering. He can't deal with too much people contact so you are right WGU is probably not a good idea. Thanks for the input.
  14. Charlie1

    Charlie1 New Member

    Wow! That sounds great. Free and cheap. They don't have much funds. I will forward this info to my sister. Thanks
  15. Charlie1

    Charlie1 New Member

    Hello everyone. Thank you so much for all the support and advice. I forwarded all the information to sister. She really appreciates all the positive support. They've dealt with a lot of stigma regarding her son so she really appreciates all the positive advice and support. Thanks again!
  16. Rachel83az

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    FWIW, most students are able to finish UMPI in 4-6 months, meaning the whole degree is under $5k. It is insanely, insanely cheap. If they can't afford that, get them to file a FAFSA. One person on the other forum wound up paying negative $900 for his UMPI degree. Yes, with the various financial aid that's going around right now, he was paid to get his UMPI degree - and without taking out any loans either!
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  17. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    It is heart warming to see such a great support from aunt and home. Here's hoping for success!
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  18. Charlie1

    Charlie1 New Member

    Thank you. I hope he is successful also.
  19. SteveFoerster

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    I didn't have anything to add to the good advice, but I also want to extend best wishes to your nephew and your family. You're a good aunt.
  20. Charlie1

    Charlie1 New Member

    That's great!! I forgot about financial aide. I'm sure they qualify. Thanks!

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