Are there any guides to completely testing out of a degree that are still relevant?

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  1. Jacob Van Helden

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    After doing a ton of digging in regards to how to quickly complete a degree in the most economical way possible, I finally stumbled into here (and the pertaining Wiki). From what I can tell, a lot of guides seemed to be for Thomas Edison, but it would seem they no longer accept FEMA credits. Most of the other guides I have seen are from five plus years ago.

    With that, are there any up-to-date guides on how / where to completely test out of a degree?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    I believe that at this point all of the Big 3 require some sort of capstone project that can not be "tested out." Otherwise, the information on this board is probably as current as you'll find anywhere.
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  3. SteveFoerster

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    What Kizmet said, although there are two other resources than this you should consider:

    1. Jennifer Cook-DeRosa's excellent book "Homeschooling for College Credit", which despite the title isn't just useful for homeschoolers but to anyone who wants to test out of as much of a degree as possible:

    2. Degree Forum, which is similar to this forum but specializes in testing out:
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  4. AsianStew

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    The Beginners Guide is still up to date, there aren't many changes to the TESU templates as the major changes are tuition fees and the Cornerstone requirement, all else remains the same. The others such as COSC and Excelsior hasn't changed either, again, those are the only two courses required, Cornerstone/Capstone. Now, if you look at my signature, do all the FREE credit courses first and work on the FREE courses from to get you to 100 credits absolutely FREE. I see you're on as well, i'll just copy/paste there too...

    Here's a lengthy thread post you want to read.

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