Are there any All-But-Dissertation (ABD) Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D./Ph.D.) completion programs?

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    I have completed all the coursework for my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) and would like to explore All-But-Dissertation (ABD) Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D./Ph.D.) completion programs.

    Please recommend those accredited universities in the United States and Europe that let you finish your doctorate in psychology by completing the dissertation portion only if you are already done with the coursework at a non-APA-accredited university in the United States. Thank you.
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    I don't think you'll find one in clinical, counseling, or school psychology since those are regulated and licensed fields, and most of your coursework has to be done in residency at the school awarding the degree. After graduating with a non-license-eligible degree, there is the option of completing a post-doctoral respecialization program.

    Capitol Technology University has a dissertation or publication-only PhD in cyberpsychology, and they'll accept up to 42 transfer credits. The transfer credits don't have to be in cyberpsychology.
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    Just curious, if you've completed all the required courses for your current program at the respective university you studied at, don't they have a degree for Psy.D ready for you to apply for graduation? What is the reason for going to another university? Why the change? Is the program not offered online and you can't go on site to defend your dissertation or something along the lines? Are you trying to re-use these credits for a similar degree? Can you explain further?
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    I don't know of any in the US with an ABD plan (probably more like some transfer credit in the US).

    You could always look at Azteca/UCN. I believe that someone mentioned that UCN was willing to structure a program to meet US State licensure requirements if they can. This means that they may accept the transfer credit you have in terms of all of your clinical psychology and then require only the dissertation which is their normal route. This would be easy for them because they don't need the structure the program other than the dissertation or doctoral research project.

    It would be affordable as I believe it's around $7,000. The issue for you would be making sure that whatever state you live in would accept a psychology degree from NCU and that you have the required courses and probably the internal practicum required as part of the degree. That should be fairly easy to structure by finding some place to do your internship in the local community and under the auspices of NCU.
  6. PositiveSoul

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    I have almost completed all of the following courses (required and electives) for Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) at California Southern University as a self-funded student:


    PSY 8500 Advanced Theories of Personality - 3 Credits
    PSY 8503 History and Systems in Psychology - 3 Credits
    PSY 8504 Ethical and Professional Issues - 3 Credits
    PSY 8506 Advanced Psychopathology - 3 Credits
    PSY 8708 Cultural Diversity - 3 Credits
    PSY 8724 Cognition, Emotion and Motivation - 3 Credits
    PSY 8700 Psychopharmacology - 3 Credits
    PSY 8701 Physiological Psychology - 3 Credits
    PSY 8740 Statistical Methods and Analysis - 3 Credits
    PSY 8127 Research Methods in Psychology - 3 Credits
    PSY 8702 Psychological Assessment I - 3 Credits (Child Abuse Assessment & Suicidal Risk Assessment and Intervention - CalSouthern will validate this for you with the Board.)*

    ELECTIVE COURSES (Fulfills Clinical Psychology Licensure Requirements)

    PSY 7507 Advanced Human Sexuality - 3 Credits (Human Sexuality)*
    PSY 7534 Dual Diagnosis or PSY 7738 Advanced Psychology of Addiction & Compulsive Behaviors - 3 Credits (Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Detection and Treatment)*
    PSY 7728 The Psychology of Violence and Domestic Abuse Reporting 3 (Spousal or Partner Abuse Assessment, Detection, and Intervention Strategies)*
    PSY 7533 Psychology of Death and Dying - 3 Credits (Aging and Long-term Care)*
    PSY 7521 Industrial/Organizational Psychology - 3 Credits
    PSY 7527 Psychology of Stress and Stress Related Disorders - 3 Credits

    Note: (*) These courses fulfill the Clinical Psychology Licensure Requirements.

    I am just trying to explore some options to look for an All-But-Dissertation (ABD) Doctorate in Psychology completion program which is more reputable than CalSouthern and most importantly offers some tangible assistance to their students to get Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours to facilitate their licensure. Please don't get me wrong, I knew from the beginning that CalSouthern is not APA-Accredited but the sad part is that they also don't participate in programs like California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC) which only cost $1750 per year to an academic institution like CalSouthern. Even Walden University participates in CAPIC's program.

    Honestly speaking, CalSouthern has been really great to me as they offered me admission based on my MBA which I did without a bachelor's degree and without a background or a bachelor's/master's degree in psychology. Initially, they gave me ad hoc admission requiring me to complete a few required courses to demonstrate that I can handle doctoral-level courses. Once I completed those required courses, they granted me full admission into their Psy.D. program.
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    It'll probably be best for you to finish at CalSouthern without the internship. None of the ABD options will lead to licensure. After finishing at CalSouthern, you can do the respecialization program at Fielding Graduate School. There aren't that many options for mostly online respecialization programs. Otherwise, work hard at finding your own internship; the Federal Bureau of Prisons usually offers internships annually. I don't think you'll find a more "reputable" university that will accept all of your transfer credits.

    Northcentral University does have ABD doctoral programs in psychology, but they stopped admitting students to the licensure concentration last year.

    Let me take that back. Fielding might be the only online option for respecialization in clinical or counseling psychology. Most online licensure programs are in school psychology.
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    Finished my PsyD at CalSouthern last year, did not do the internship and registered in CA as a psy assistant and 1/2 done with 3000 hours. By the way, Calsoutherns parent company PERDOCEO just fired all of their California Based Faculty Members as of 01/01/2023. You might fined

    Finished my PsyD at CalSouthern last year, did not do the internship, and registered in CA as a psy assistant and 1/2 done with 3000 hours. Hard to do an internship with this school while enrolled because of the CAPIC issues (which they will never do), easiest to do when you graduate or if you have a MA/MS in Psychology already and can reg as a psy assistant.

    I never post here but just had to since a friend of mine just lost her doctoral committee members. I'm telling everyone - Calsoutherns parent company PERDOCEO just fired all of their California Based Faculty Members as of 01/01/2023. Why? Not sure, something to do with how CA wants them to pay adjuncts, not sure but they are keeping it hush hush apparently. I only know because my friend was told by their previous DP Chair that they could not be the DP chair anymore due to the changes - then, they disconnected/shut off the DP Chair email so they could not contact any other learners. You likely will see all new faculty and none you recognize for your doctoral project. My suggestion, finish and get out.
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    That's good to know. I couldn't remember whether California allowed all of the supervised experience to come after graduating. Some states require pre-doctoral internship hours. CalSouthern being a California school and firing all of its California faculty is concerning, but their business address is in Arizona. Do you know when they moved from Costa Mesa?
  10. Chanel1

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    They m
    Yes, CA you can do all 3000 after you graduate with PsyD. You register as Psych Assistant, super easy process and once you get your # you can apply for jobs anywhere in CA.

    They are no longer a California School, don't see themselves as such, and now are an AIU/Arizona School. They moved 07/2022 after being sold to AIU/Perdoceo. They have small office (or now had), but likely will no longer need it since no reason to with no CA Teaching employees. I used to have access to the PSYD Facebook for CalSouthern Learners, if you still do, I would let folks know so they are stuck with new doctoral project folks in the middle of being done, it's not good.
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  11. sanantone

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    I wonder if they'll change their name.
  12. Rich Douglas

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    I would think that would depend on the value of the brand, which is probably not much. Then there is the inherent geographic confusion. I would also think it will depend on whether or not the parent will need the acquired school to continue to operate separately--administration, marketing, enrollments, etc., or if it is looking to take advantage of eliminating redundancies. This is very much driven by whether or not the acquired property can be absorbed into the bigger culture.

    It also creates confusion for the alumni (as any significant change does), but I doubt that is a serious concern.
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  13. LearningAddict

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    I don't know much about California when it comes to this. But in these types of circumstances with this type of degree, try to finish where you started when you can, because the ABD options are extremely limited.

    If you're concerned with licensure, before you do anything in-state, out-of-state, or foreign, you'll want to go over your state's regulations with a fine-tooth comb to be sure what the best move is. Of course, if you're not concerned with licensure (and I'm just putting it out there only because not everyone who gets a Psychology Doctorate is looking to practice as a Doctor of Psychology), then none of this matters and any reputable program willing to work with you would likely suffice.

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