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    John: Didn't know the situation about you and scups. How along ago did this happen? There has been quite a few replacements in positions with scups in the past few years. I do think the person or persons who did what you say they did should publicly apologize and set the record straight.

    Keeping it on a "professional" opinion level, what are your opinions about scups quality?

    I am not saying that I think what you said is based on personal grudges. However, I have been in management at a large State hospital for 20 years. I had to train myself to separate my personal opinions and feelings from my professional ones. It was hard to do but I mastered that skill. I can actually dislike a person on a personal level (the person would never know my personal distaste for him or her) and I give that person every bit of assistant or help and job evaluations as I do for any other staff. There are other supervisors and managers that don't share my management style in this situation. If they don't like someone, then they do every thing they can to discredit the person and get them out of the hospital.

    Thanks for info on scups
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    Northcentral U

    NCU has on its webpage that it is member of the North Central Association and does not specifically state accredited by. Am I reading this wrong?
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    Good gracious, the North Central Association should be the Middle of the Nation Association. That is a large area the NCA covers.

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    Apology accepted and I thank you for it.

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    But it only accounts for 25% of the RA colleges in the US
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    Northcentral University

    Thank you Ian for letting me know about NCU. I have enquired with NCU about admission. As you stated, NCU is RA accredited. So, I will be going that route over SCUPS.

    I have checked into Walden, Capella, UOP, and other universities offering online Doctorates. All that I have enquired with have some residential requirements in addition to the online courses. I was seriously considering UOP even with the high price because they do have a campus in Charlotte, NC. This campus is only used for the Master and Bachelor degree programs. The students in the Doctorate programs have to attend the Arizona campus.

    NCU is totally online. The North Central Association is the only RA that accredits totally online schools for Doctorate programs. The others I have checked on do not. There are plenty of total online Masters programs in a variety of areas offered by RA accredited univerisities. I wish that were the case with the Doctorate programs.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the info.

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    What of TUI's fully DL Doctorate in California? Nova Southeastern in Florida may have a short residency, but I am pretty sure it too is fully dl.

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