Anyone know of any good/interesting science certificates? Pref. grad certs?

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    I'm getting ready to finish my MA degree this spring. Most of my work has been in the humanities, i.e. history and English, but I am interested in gaining a science certificate after I graduate - if only to broaden my understanding of science, and be able to understand the things my science-minded girlfriend (biology major) is talking about. I've looked at a couple of programs, including UMASS's "Science in a Changing World" cert., but nothing looks very useful, or appealing.

    If there is a science cert. that relates to history in some way, that would be really interesting, but I haven't seen one. So, ultimately, my question is, are there any science certs out there that have caught anyone's eye? Especially programs for those that may only be starting out in sciences? Just wondering. I know the bright minds in here will know! Thanks!:smile:
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    Ohhhhhhh how much money and time do you have? You could enroll in one of the program that haunts my dreams, then I could live vicariously through your updates. :) I have 8 credits in this program, which is a long way from 40...but still...
    Areas and Fields | ALM Program
    History of science, technology, and medicine
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    That looks like a great program, but it looks like a little more money/work than I'm willing to put in straight after I finish my MA. I actually looked into getting a Harvard Extension degree before I started my current MA, but I decided against it. It looks like a very rigorous and interesting program. Don't let it haunt your dreams! Get back to it and finish! :tongue:
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    LOL, that's why I shared the link with YOU. Sorry, currently knee-deep in my own MS right now, but every now and then I get a wild hair and take a course. I can't complete the degree requirements (yet) but maybe someday.
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    Kizmet, Thanks for the heads up on these programs. I've thought about doing something with archeology before, but I mean, how do you make any money in that field any more. Seems like archeology funding continues to be cut. Still, I'm sure the program would be very interesting.
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    I completed the Forensic DNA and Serology certifcate program several years ago. There are a number of certificate programs including Research Methods in Anthropology that sounds like a science/history combo that might interest you but I might be way off.
    Non-Degree Certificates - Distance Learning
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    For those interested, it seems as though the Harvard Extension School is no longer accepting new concentrators in the History of Science program. Sad, but true. It seems like their best concentrations don't last very long. Thought I would mention this for those that care.
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    You never said anything about making money. That's an entirely different thread.
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    You can continue if you've already started, but for those starting now it's called "History of Science, Technology, and Medicine."
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    If we're including EHS certs and degrees, I've posted this one from the University of Alabama a few times. It includes the element of management as well in case you're looking for a little more punch to go along with the EHS cert.

    Graduate Certificate in Environmental Health and Safety Management (Online) | Home

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