Anyone in the "New" WGU MBA Program?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by featherz, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. featherz

    featherz New Member

    Been lurking for a while and saw some discussion on the WGU MBA here. I graduated from WGU last year (BSN) and am supposed to be starting the MBA in Healthcare management in the new format Sep 1. I haven't found anyone else actually DOING this format in any of the MBA sub-categories, let alone mine. Is there anyone out there who is in the new OA (test) heavy MBA program that can give me a heads up on how it is going? I did my BSN in just over 3 months (50CU) and was hoping to get the MBA done in a term - especially since I am a much better test taker than I am a paper writer.

    WGU, at least over on the RN side, has problems with change sometimes - that leaves me on the fence as to whether I want to 'test' the new program for them. :)

    Just looking for any insight before I fork over the money (I'm a self pay, no loans).
  2. mcjon77

    mcjon77 Member

    The program was scheduled to start with the August class. I plan on starting the new program in September. There was a guy on the wgu student forum who was supposed to start the new program in August, but they put him in the old format instead. He is now working with his mentor to get put into the new program.

    Personally I like the structure of the new program. I prefer tests to papers, but I think WGU's new program has the right mix. From what I see, most of the quantitative areas are either all tests (Accounting, Finance, Economics, Operations Management) or a combination of tests and a project (Data Driven Decision Making).
  3. featherz

    featherz New Member

    I like the structure of the new program as well - I waited until it changed for that reason. I thought perhaps it had started last month - I guess not. So you and I will be the guinea pigs! =)

    I am hoping the new OA heavy program is favorable towards acceleration. This degree is more of a 'want' than a 'need' and I'd like to spend as little as possible.
  4. mcjon77

    mcjon77 Member

    I'm using it to pick up a CPA credential from Massachusetts. In order to get around the experience requirements, you need a graduate degree in business. This seems like the least expensive and quickest way to get a legitimate graduate business degree. Also, in my last masters program I took a few business courses and really want to get a more well rounded view of the field.
  5. featherz

    featherz New Member

    Just for giggles, I checked out CPA requirements for NYS. Looks like WGU MBA would not be acceptable for that purpose, although the business credits might be usable towards the total time required.

    I've been an involuntary tester for some of the WGU tests before (first one to take a new test) - I did pass, but not looking forward to it again. Hopefully they are more consistent in the business program. I believe there was a test group doing this a few months back.
  6. jotucker83

    jotucker83 New Member

    I completed my MBA back when they were all performance tasks. I'm also a CPA Exam Candidate @ mcjon77 for the State of MA Non-Reporting CPA License :). I'm sitting for BEC on August 24th, it's my first section.
  7. DanielC

    DanielC New Member

    I'm in the "old" program, having started in Mar 2014. For those that started the new program, what are your thoughts? And how quickly were you able to accelerate the program?

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