Anyone here gone to Colorado Technical University?

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    Anyone here gone to Colorado Technical University?


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    I have not, but I was accepted into the Doctor of Computer Science program. I like the program structure; however, I prefer Ph.D over DSC as well as non-profit. I fear that Colorado Technical University is a profit school that might have accreditation issue like Ashford University.
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    Actually, CTU offers the DCS.
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    As far as I know, CTU has not had any accreditation issues. However, it is owned by Career Education Corporation, and there have been a number of legal and accreditation issues involving other CEC schools. For example, American Intercontinental University was on probation with SACS from 2005 to 2007.

    Another possible concern is that CEC is getting hammered financially right now; they lost over $33,000,000 last quarter, and recently announced the closure of 23 campuses. Don't know if these closures affect CTU directly, or if they are limited to other CEC schools. However, it certainly would not be surprising if there was cost-cutting at all of CEC's operations.

    One general issue with for-profit schools is that they may not have a lot of financial reserves. A private non-profit school can use excess revenue to build up their endowment, which can act as a significant financial "cushion" during hard times. For-profits, on the other hand, are going to return excess revenues to their owners or shareholders. Without such reserves, it is harder to ride out economic downturns. This is one of the reasons that we've been hearing a lot about for-profit campus closures lately.
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    In 2011, ACICS (a national accreditation agency) issued a blanket "show-cause" order covering 71 schools owned by CEC and accredited by ACICS (but not including CTU, which is regionally accredited). The "show-cause" order was lifted earlier this year, though four of the affected schools remain on ACICS probation.

    It's unusual for an accreditation agency to sanction 71 different schools in one directive. This move suggests that ACICS may have had concerns about the overall direction of CEC's management.
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    You're right, I don't know why I keep thinking of Doctor of Science (DSc) abbreviation.
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    I went to CTU in 2005 and was totally not happy with them. I recieved a MSM in Information Security. I never found a job in the sector at all. I had over 10 years of technical and management experience. I eventually went to the for profit education field with my degree and now I am a Dean at a tech school.

    The only problem is the tech school is primarily medical. My degree did help get the job as a Dean and work as a School Chair in IT and work on IT curriculum. Now I am working on a PhD in IT and hoping that will help me make some more cash and garner some more opportunities. I just wish I had chosen a cheaper school and gotten a Masters degree that would actually be useful to me. I do not feel I utilize any of my degree in my current job.

    My CTU degree was not totally worthless but they have almost no placement assistance, which was promised to me in admissions at the front end. Placement assistance was nothing more than a series of articles that I could find on the net.

    Here is an article on CEC and job placement

    For-Profit College Co. Encouraged Student Loans With False Job Placement Data | Student Loans Blog

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