Anyone complete any of these studies? (Mexican/Spanish Propios)

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    I completed a CLEA program through Masterscursos. You get a nice diploma but it states that it is not an official degree only for continuing education purposes. There is no transcript but just a diploma with the outline printed in the back. Good if you want to use it for continuing education but it cannot be used as a Masters degree in Canada or the US or even Mexico.

    I believe all the Masters degrees propios state that are just continuing education.

    There are similar programs in Mexico that grant an official degree but they cost at least 5K USD. Universidad ISEP is one, all the degree based on multiple choice and some assignments, feasible to be completed in one year. However, 5K.
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    Without writing an entire thesis (or rather, making you write one) about these institutes, here are some general questions:

    1. What kinds of materials did you receive from each of the providers? Were most just PDF articles and web-based texts? Were any video lectures offered? Did any institutes provide additional resources (ebooks, access to journals & online libraries, etc.)? Did you find them sufficient to complete assignments and to fully grasp the content area you were studying?
    2. Which providers had the most thorough and rigorous programs? Which did you find the most complete and worthy of your time? Are there any you regretted taking?
    3. Have you mostly focused on masters programs or have you also tried the Experto and Especialista degrees? If you've tried any of the lower tier programs, how have you found them in comparison to a full masters? I noticed, for example, that ESHE still requires a 20 to 50-page thesis for even a Specialist program; so while the total number of modules is less, I've wondered if a student would be better off just paying a bit more, completing a couple more modules, and then just getting a full masters instead of a Specialist title.
    4. ESHE and a few other providers require a Trabajo Fin de Master in order to complete their programs. Are you fully proficient in Spanish or have you been using translation tools like others here have mentioned? If the latter, did any of the providers have qualms with you doing so?

    Unrelated to the providers themselves, but...

    5. Have you used any of these propio degrees professionally? Are any listed on your CV? If so, how have they been received by employers, colleagues, etc.?

    Do I remember correctly from another thread that you were offered a separate diploma from Universidad CLEA, for an extra fee? If so, was it distinct enough from Masstercursos diploma that you'd recommend others to do the same?

    While pricier than others like Masstercursos (169EUR) or Instito SAERA (3,500EUR), 5,000USD is still fairly inexpensive in terms of an official degree, I'd say. Heck, it's still cheaper than the American College of Education, which is already an affordable, go-to school for many educators.

    Anyway, did you end up completing a degree program with Universidad ISEP or other unis in Mexico, @RFValve? Besides being oficial, were there any benefits that you couldn't get from a propio degree program?
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    From the list I provided in the original post, does any of them work the same way ESHE, SAERA, or ENEB does? Both ENEB and SAERA partners with Isabel I University, so their diplomas/transcripts will show up when using a verification system. In fact, ESHE works with 3 universities, one being Isabel I University as well, and they're currently having a sale, you can also get an extra 5% off: La Mejor Beca de Formación (

    Since these work with recognized universities, wouldn't that give a similar evaluation as what ENEB has with other NACES providers or even with Validential? I think some, probably not all, will get a favorable evaluation with Validential as equivalent to RA Masters. I wonder if Universidad CLEA offerings would be evaluated as such with Validential...
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    I would think the Isabel I verification system would come in handy (credibility).
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    Almost all have .pdfs or online courses, rarely videos. You don't need the latter, really. All materials provided were sufficient to grasp the area I studied (or to pass the tests at least).

    No program was really "rigorous". Really. All were somewhat interesting but sometimes admittedly quite shallow. The best program was the online course "International Sex Coach". I did not regret taking any program except the "Master" in electronics. It did not even provide anything close to an introduction, and if I knew how lame it was, I would not have enrolled.

    #3 / #4
    I never took a course that required a thesis. UCAM offers a lot of programs without thesis, and I am currently doing an MBA program there. To date, I did not try doing a task that requires writing a running task yet.

    Dunno. I listed them on XING as CPD. What anyone else thinks is upon them as long as I am honest about what these things are and are not.

    And yes, you remember that correctly. If a masstercursos diploma is worth it, well... I decided that, for me, it was.
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    I initially thought this was "International Sex Cult" and I was wondering if it was about how to recognize them or to start your own.
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    Mac Juli Well-Known Member Can say that with confidence.
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    ...running TEXT yet. Yeah, you see why I don't like that...

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