Anybody know of any RA online masters programs in intelligence (other than AMU)?

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    Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of ya'll know of any RA schools that have masters programs available online in Intelligence. Or maybe a different degree with a heavy concentration in Intel?

    A buddy of mine is pretty dead set on getting his Masters in Intel, but he got his undergrad from AMU. I would really like to give him some options from other schools. AMU is a great school, but I always try to dissuade friends from getting their undergrad and grad degrees from the same school (especially if it is known as an online school).

    Any help would be fantastic.
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    OH, I forgot. I did a search and found someone who asked the same question over two years ago. I wanted to see if anything changed since then.
  3. Kizmet

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    Look at Walden (Terrorism & Security) and Lewis (Information Security).
  4. Ian Anderson

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    Norwich has a Masters in Diplomacy.
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    Review this list compiled by the Naval Postgraduate School. Some Homeland Security programs offer an Intelligence specialization.
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    I really appreciate all your help. Thank you for taking the time to help.
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    Diversity is the spice of life.
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    I thought that was cumin?
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    It's not a degree, but Mercyhurst College offers a graduate certificate in Applied Intelligence online. I also know they have a campus in McLean, VA if you're looking for possible attending night courses for their master's degree in Applied Intelligence, but unfortunately they don't offer it online. But if by chance your friend is a Booz Allen Hamilton employee the classes are free...

    Graduate Certificate in Applied Intelligence
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    My husband was considering a graduate certificate intelligence at Stanford. He did AMU's intelligence analysis certificate and enjoyed it. He already had an MA though, so it was more for continued professional development.
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