Any RA school that accepts DETC credits?

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  1. cagirl

    cagirl New Member

    I tried to search on this topic but no luck. Does anyone know of any RA schools that accept DETC credits?? I know the big 3 are out right??

    Thanks for your help!
  2. jugador

    jugador New Member

    I was very surprised and humbled to learn from Dr. Bear that a significant percentage of RA schools accept DETC credits. If memory serves, he might have said his research suggests about 20% (but I might be wrong). I recall that even one Ivy League school accepts limited DETC credits (Yale?). Keep searching this site and you might find it, or perhaps he will respond again. As far as a specific listing of ones that accept it -- well, I doubt that such a list exists, but again, I could be wrong.
  3. Lerner

    Lerner Active Member


    Western Governors University

    They are DETC and multple RA accredited.

  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Active Member

    You can expect a bit fewer than half of regionally accredited schools to consider accepting credits from DETC-accredited schools.

    "Consider" is the key word here. It doesn't mean "accept." Some schools are going to treat these credits/degrees equally, but some others will give the matter greater scrutiny. Still others won't accept them at all.

    Find a few schools that you would seriously consider, then ask them.
  5. TomICAVols

    TomICAVols New Member

    Remember that RA schools will often not accept credits from other RA schools also. It's not always a case of regional vs. national accreditation.
  6. jayncali73

    jayncali73 New Member

    I know for a fact that University of Phoenix will accept DETC credits. They accepted mine.
  7. aic712

    aic712 New Member


    Yes they do,

    But it has to be from a degree granting (at least A.S) institution. A cerificate program has to go through prior learning assessment.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I don't know but there is a possiblity DETC might know what RA schools accept their credits. Try contacting someone here.

    This DETC school claims their credits have been accepted by Trinity International University, Reformed Theological Seminary, Knox Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Seminary prior to DETC accreditation.

    So, I would assume they would be more willing now since the school is accredited.
  9. agingBetter

    agingBetter New Member

    I thought I read somewhere that TESC accepts DETC credits as long as they are ACE certified. And that you can call ACE to see which courses are ACE certified at that particular school if indeed they are registered with ACE.

  10. Kirkland

    Kirkland New Member

    American Military University (still DETC) displays a list of schools that have accepted their credits in the past (they also provide a list of schools and other organizations with which they have articulation agreements). (Visitor Center tab, Accreditation and Credentials)
  11. Casey

    Casey New Member

    Try these...

    Most of these schools will accept DETC credits.

    1-University of Phoenix
    2-Walden University
    3-Oral Roberts University
    4-Capella University
    5-Jones International University
    6-University of Alabama
    7-Colorado State University
    8-Everett Community College
    9-Mount Ida College
    10-Lesley University
    11-Cheyney University
    12-Fox Valley Technical College
    13-Western Governors University
    14-Bellevue University, Nebraska
    15-Chattahooche Technical College
    16-British American College
    17-Mount Aloysius College
    18-Winona State College
    19-George C. Wallace Community College
    20-Sterling College
    21-Indiana State College
    22-Kansas State University
    23-DePauw University
    24-Northcentral University (Arizona)
    25-Northwest Christian College
    26-University of Wisconsin, Platteville
    27 Charter Oak (only if ACE approved)
    28-Harvard University, (DL ALB program)
    29-Liberty University
    30-University of North Alabama
    31-University of West Alabama
    32-American Indian University
    33-Cleveland State University
    34-South Dakota State University
    35-Upper Iowa University
    36-Union College, NE
    37-Ohio University
    38-York College
    39-Sul Ross State University
    40-Stayer University
    41-Trinity College
    42-Elon University
    43-Brigham Young (maybe)
    44-Oklahoma State University
    45-Baker College
    46-Touro College and TUI
    47-Argosy University
    48-Neumann College (liberal studies program)
    49-Roger Williams University (University College)
    50-Ottawa University (Kansas)
    51-American Military University (RA Candidate)
    52-American InterContinental University
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  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Try these...

    Thank Bush04.

    I hope the "RA or no way" folks see this thread as well as others wherein I have recommended NA schools.

    I have tried to tell them their assessment of DI on this matter is incorrect but my posts keep getting doubted.

    Many of those who mischaracterize DI are my freinds but they are wrong on this issue.

  13. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Active Member

    Re: Re: Try these...

    At first I was going to jump at you, Jimmy, shouting "Who ever says that?" But then I re-read your post and realized that you're in agreement. Thanks.

    Many of us are very supportive of DETC and other NA's, but recognize the inherent limitations of such accreditation when it comes to degree acceptance.

    By the way, although the same principles apply to unaccredited schools--useful in some situations, but limited--I feel that is an entirely different argument. Unaccredited schools often get lumped in with diploma mills--NA schools do not. All diploma mills are unaccredited--no NA school is a diploma mill. These forms of recognition (RA, NA, unaccredited) aren't on a continuum. There is a huge chasm between GAAP and unaccredited, no matter what type of unaccredited schools we're talking about. While there are certainly exceptions, most unaccredited schools are a lot closer to their diploma mill brethren than they are to legitimate, degree-granting institutions.

    I think a better description of this board's general feeling would be "Accredited-or-no-way, RA preferred."
  14. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Active Member

    One other thought on the whole RA vs. NA thing. Here's what DETC said in its testimony regarding H.R. 4283:

    DETC strongly supports the Bill’s goal of reducing the systemic bias in higher education on the matter of credit transfer. Admittedly, there are many sensitive academic considerations involved, and institutional autonomy is vital, but we have yet to see a convincing justification for rejecting student requests for
    transfer credit based solely on the source of the accreditation—yet this happens routinely today.

    "Routinely." So, Bear's survey says it, my article at says it, and DETC says it. It might not be very nice, but it is true.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Re: Re: Try these...

    Used to be most people's initial reaction to my posts. Guess you're the (almost) lone holdout. ;)
  16. Casey

    Casey New Member

    Rich, do you have any additional information on the status of HR 4283 and/or HR 3311?
  17. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Active Member

    No, sorry. Nor am I actively tracking it. (Been distracted with other things.)

    I believe, however, that the acceptance of transfer credits isn't something the law will be able to regulate. They have to give the schools some discretion in the matter, and a little wriggle room is all the RA schools will need to continue to discriminate (justly?) against credits and degrees from NA schools.
  18. Casey

    Casey New Member

    Time will tell, but I believe that the proposal will pass. I'm hopeful, anyway. If it does pass, I don't think a little wiggle room will be enough for the RA's to continue their unjust discrimination. If they show a pattern of accepting only RA credits, they will be violating the law. The lame excuses currently employed would no longer cut it.

    I do agree that schools need some autonomy. But schools are not just businesses. If they were, I would oppose the legislation. Since students are using federal loan money to fund their educations, government has every right to regulate the transfer of credit. This is because arbitrary denials of transfer credit will result in repeated coursework, and increased federal student aid debt. This benefits noone.

    I would slightly change the proposal, though. I would make it optional. Under my plan, schools would be able to reject transfer credit for any reason, but only if they agreed not to participate in Title IV programs. Schools that chose to continue offering Federal Student Aid would not be permitted to reject (without cause or justification), credits earned at other properly accredited schools. This would would maintain institutional autonomy while protecting students and legitimate accreditors.
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  19. agingBetter

    agingBetter New Member

    Do you think such a measure would drive the cost of education up, down, or have no effect?

    My gut tells me the "law of unintended consequences" dictates that RA schools would have to make their programs more price competitive, and therefore, drive down the salaries of professors.
  20. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    Click here for H.R. 4283 status. And here are the Google search results for H.R. 4283 -- which appear to be many, varied and interesting.

    Click here for H.R. 3311 status. And here are the Google search results for H.R. 3311 -- which also appear to be many, varied and interesting.

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