Any online dual Masters degrees in Psych/Social Work?

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    I also agree that a Masters degree in Social Work is the best way to go. As far as clinical training in psychology is concerned, I am extremely happy with my training in mental health counseling as compared to my colleagues and coworkers who are clinical social workers. That said, I think that if anyone wishes to become a victim advocate, or work for a state/government agency in any other way (ie: child protective services), training as a social worker will give you more knowledge in government, policy, and social justice as a result of the ecological approach that makes Social Work what it is. There is also a reciprocity issue, which is another thing that you can add to what Psydoc was alluding to. It is much easier to move between states with a social work license/degree than it is as a counselor, simply because of the standardization of social work training around the US. In most states, even if schools adhere to CACREP standards, have varying additional rules for counselors that can make reciprocity difficult.
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    Thank you all so much. I actually just directed her to this particular thread and she read it and said she will get her MSW. She has been undecided for so long that it is a WONDERFUL thing to not have this discussion 9456320 times about what to get, not get, the flip flopping, the "I'm not sure, maybe". lol So I very much appreciate this. THANK YOU!!!

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