Any news on Trident?

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    The President of TUI posted an update on September 24, 2012:

    The President is "very confident about a favorable outcome."
    But WASC probably won't be saying anything, positive or negative, until February 2013 at the earliest.
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    must've been one of the mods ;)
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    Bleh. I chewed on this story for a while, but quite frankly it's lost its flavor.
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    To Captain XXXX,

    The Commission decision in February cannot be to terminate Trident’s accreditation. They will be considering whether to continue Trident on its ‘Probation’ status, or whether to move them back to Accredited (with no sanctions). Trident’s accreditation status last year was more dire, at the ‘Show Cause’ level. The university worked hard to address the issues in violation and was bumped up to ‘Probation’. They have continued to work on the issues, and the WASC review team visited Trident this week. The Commission’s findings in February will determine Trident’s new status. It would take at least a year to lose accreditation, and more likely multiple years, as each sanction status requires WASC visits.

    All that to say your degree will be earned from a fully accredited institution if you graduate this year.

    Best regards,

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    To: WASC
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    Mrs. Xxxxx,

    Will I receive a degree from an accredited institution since I graduate in March 2013 if Trident University were to lose accreditation in February 2013? Or will Trident lose accreditation immediately opposed to at the end of the semester? I am curious how this process works since I am close to completing my degree and I do not think the University will lose their accreditation status. As you can see, military personnel like to remain up to date on our education.

    I hope you have a great day and thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

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