Any idea where I could publish my "professional" Dr. thesis for free online?

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    After an uncompleted PhD study in Business Administration at a German state University I took my half-way finished dissertation and decided to try to get some kind of degree-like piece of paper and finish the dissertation as quickly as possible without having to change what I Had already written.

    I ended up at a state recognized european private university which offers a "professional doctoral program in Business Administration" ("DBA") which is not recognized as a real PhD by the state.

    Now after I've graduated I want to publish my thesis:
    -for free (for me and I also don't want any money in case there is really someone who would like to read the text)
    -at a place that is mostly focused on academic publications
    -easy, meaning no need of long editing and quality control

    Any hints for that?

    The text is 200 pages and the subject is relating to the European Economic Constitution.
    The University won't help since it is not scheduled to publish the dissertation in this professional DBA Program.

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    Graduates of recognized foreign universities see their theses published by Proquest--Dissertation Abstracts. Mine is.

    Otherwise, it's a big internet out there.
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  4. Johann766

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    Dear Steve, thanks a lot for this helpful idea. It seems like this is exactly what I´ve been looking for.
    I´m about to submit my "dissertation" if you want to call it that way and I hope they will accept it.

    @Rich I also looked into the Proquest thing. Seems like it requires that a supervisor/some other employee of that private european university which I graduated from gets involved in the submitting process. This is what I want to avoid because the university is pure chaos and I want to get this done as quickly as easy as possible.
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