Any financial aid eligible online certificate programs?

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    I've been laid off from 3 contract jobs this year (so no unemployment), and my industry is in the toilet. Good news about that is, my income is terrible this year :D - so I could qualify for some financial aid right now, and want to attend school while I qualify for aid (now).

    Are there any open enrollment financial aid eligible online certificate programs?

    Any that are open enrollment, so they don't require transcripts? I've attended a dozen schools over the years in high school and college for summer schools, winter intersession, etc. so it would cost me a small fortune to get transcripts from all schools. I have a 4.0 GPA for nearly the past decade of classes, probably a 3.0 GPA barely before that. I wasn't expelled from school, it just would cost me a whole lot of money to get all transcripts from all schools attended. So, I'm hoping not to have to need transcripts for a certificate program.

    I don't have yet a bachelor's, so I'm not ready for a master's program.

    I can't afford to attend my original school right now, so I can't finish my bachelor's right now. (My industry is in the toilet, 3 job layoffs for me this year, I can't just "work more hours" to pay for it.) The only remaining requirement is a few year Spanish proficiency by class or exam. I've tried self-studying Spanish for a few years, and it's just not working. I have a hard time with languages, ADD/ADHD (untreated, can't afford treatment right now), autism spectrum (asperger's, major sensory processing issues-- McDonalds jobs aren't something I could manage, otherwise I would.. I'm that poor right now) with language skills hard for me (even in English), have some health/mobility issues that mean I can't leave the house every day (thankfully I can telecommute in my field), etc. Learning Spanish at a high enough level for my original school right now isn't going to happen.

    I'm hoping to find a bachelor's certificate program in the meanwhile. I've got time on my hands, and qualify for financial aid-- I just can't learn advanced spanish right now for the above reasons.

    I'm looking for a certificate program that could actually help me get a job in a better field- marketing, event planning, anything like that. Job-wise, I'm in tech/web. My bachelor's-in-progress is in international relations, and I live in the suburbs, so my BA isn't particularly useful here. I'm hoping a certificate in marketing, business, event planning, something career-relevant would help me 1) get a better job and 2) get some recent GPA scores to help me apply for a master's program after I finish my bachelor's (hopefully next year).

    My main reason for applying for a certificate right now instead of when I find a better job is---- I qualify for financial aid for the first time ever. So, I want to make use of that and attend school right now while I qualify for aid. I took out HUGE private loans for my bachelor's and couldn't get any financial aid- now I'm so poor I can get financial aid, so I want to use my poverty level right now for good and get my education in a better place and get a certificate program that could help land me a better job.

    Since I qualify for financial aid right now for the first time in my life, school right now would mean no loans and no debt needed. I want to get back into the school/studying routine so when I'm ready to finally take Spanish and finish my BA, I've got the student routine going already.

    Are there any open enrollment financial aid eligible online certificate programs?
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  3. cowboysfan

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    Thanks, they don't seem to accept federal financial aid though-- only seeming to offer their own educational grants that seem few and far-between and New Mexico state aid programs.

    My complication here is finding these programs that accept federal financial aid for just a certificate program- most I've found only accept for it bachelor and master degree programs.
  4. cowboysfan

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    Apparently there's very few, unless I want to be an EMT, hair stylist, or trade school certificates. Ugh.
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    I'm almost certain you will have to be enrolled as a degree seeking student to access the financial aid. To be enrolled schools will want all of your transcripts.

    How much aid are we talking. Is it grant money like Pell? What sort of degree or certificate are you looking for? What, specifically have you acquired so far? Specific courses with course numbers might be helpful.
  6. catlin0915

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    Why not enroll for aid towards a degree, but try to focus on the courses needed for the certification you want. Once you finish it you can always "drop out" and get the certificate paper as your consolation prize. I wouldn't think of it as scamming the government, just working around the system. You just need a faculty advisor who would be willing to help arrange it. Some of my schools never provided me with an advisor and allowed me to pick and chose what classes I took each term, which I preferred.
  7. cowboysfan

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    I can't transfer into a Bachelor's degree program without official transcripts feom every school I've ever attended, and that would cost me a small fortune.

    Also, I don't want to even temporarily drop out of my original college by transferring out to another school for a semester. It's a competitive admissions school that I might not be accepted back into if I transfer out to some random college for a semester. :/
  8. cowboysfan

    cowboysfan New Member

    I am one class short of. BA in international studies. I want a certificate in something more career relevant and have no classes taken that coukd count towards a marketing or business certificate.

    Pell and state scholarships, my estimated cost of attendance is $0. Lowest income level there is- had 3 jobs lay me/all staff off this year.

    I'm wanting a certificate program online that's useful for job skills, marketing, business, event planning. I also want to boost my GPA and get in the studying routine with a certificate program that doesn't require all previous transcripts (that eould cost a fortune). I eventualky want a master's degree but can't yet- one course shy away from my current BA and I can't afford my original school yet and live across the country for them. Seeking a career oeiented easy financial aid eligible certificate program, probably bachelor's level.

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