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  1. MikeP

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    Last year, I did a bunch of research and found no universities offering a Master in Financial Engineering. That was my prior choice of Master, but I turned to Financial Management because I couldn't find any uni with decent prices offering the program by DL. Maybe I haven't searched well, but up till last year, the program was still considered as kind of recent. Did any of you hear of Universities offering a DL MSc in Financial Engineering?

  2. PhD2B

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    I've never heard of financial engineering. You may want to expand your search to include cost estimating, cost analysis, or cost engineering.
  3. Ted Heiks

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    If you've heard of mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps, you've encountered financial engineering. Basically, financial engineering applies the methods and techniques of engineering to financial analysis. Most (all?) financial engineers are super quant jocks, many of whom possess advanced degrees they earned in other fields before setting their sights on finance. You can make a boatload of money in the field, but you can also end up being blamed for a global financial crisis. So, it has its ups and downs.
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    I have a friend that works in the field. He develops programs for financial investment. His PhD is in Financial mathematics and took some programming classes. My understanding is that Financial engineering is a more mathematical field and less managerial. I would say to look for programs in Mathematics with specialization in Financial Math.
  7. PhD2B

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    That's interesting. I never heard the two put together (financial and engineering). I work with financial managers and engineers but not financial engineers. It almost sounds shady...someone that finds a better way to cook the books. ;)
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    There is a very interesting article on quantitative finance employment including a demand for physicists with a strong mathematical background in the 21 November 2008 (page 1264) issue of Science. Apparently Bank of America employs several thousand quantitative analysis with a third having Ph.D.s.
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    You can check with London U - SOAS MSc in Quantitative Finance programme

    Yours sincerely~

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    I think the CFO at Enron was summa cume laude in his Financial Engineering class... :D
  14. Ted Heiks

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    The University of Michigan offers an MS in Financial Engineering online with a 6-week summer boot camp.
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    I know this thread is almost 2 years old but in case anyone is still looking for DL Financial Engineering, University of Southern California (USC) has an MS Financial Engineering (along with many other types of engineering) available 100% online: Degree Programs

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