Any accredied masters degrees that can be completed in....

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  1. Neuhaus

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    I'm sorry you don't feel that you are getting the support you feel you deserve.

    Part of the problem is that your question is incredibly open-ended. You basically opened it up a bit too wide. You want a Masters, any Masters that can be completed in one year. The problem is that you don't actually want any Masters. You want a Masters in one of a few areas that kind-of/sort-of tangentially might interest you. Over all, I suspect that you really don't know what you want and you are hoping that one of us is going to inspire you with something you hadn't considered before.

    Another part of the problem is that many Masters can be completed in one year (or less than two) if you are really willing to push or are willing to pay through the nose (or both).

    Can you finish a Masters at WGU in less than a year? Absolutely, it's been done. Are you likely to do that? Well, it depends upon your availability. I suppose if I were single, had no commute, a job that didn't mind me doing school work on company time and an obsession with finishing my degree I could work swiftly through a program like that. Of Course, WGU and Patten make the bulk of their money from the people who have demanding jobs, commutes, and family obligations who cannot possibly finish the degree "on-time."

    There are full-time residential programs where you crank out a 30 credit Masters in one year. There are online programs that offer you no breaks, incredibly fast-paced terms and a massive tuition bill but might get you in under the 1 year mark. And you could always sign up for virtually any 30 credit masters degree and just take an absurd number of courses. If you can handle them then you will complete the degree in a year.

    As mentioned earlier, the American College of Education's masters programs are all designed to be completed in one year.

    There is a fair amount of joking here but you are also receiving direction. What you are not receiving is a custom tailored degree planning session with a college counselor who is going to assess all of your needs, wants and desires and place you into your dream program.
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    I think we all might be reading a bit to much into his response and you hit the nail on the head: he doesn't know what he wants to study.

    I would say that there are plenty of options from state schools that have distance programs. The program I work for has applicants finish in 16 months (but its rigorous and many of us, I also went through the program before working for it, did not always enjoy being a student because of it).

    That would be the biggest issue for me, even though you get through the degree faster, what's the ultimate cost. My assumption is you wouldn't retain as much knowledge, would burn yourself out from obtaining a phd/edd in the future (if that's even remotely on your list), and will probably be relatively expensive in the short-term, versus being able to spread out your costs over a few years.

    YMMV, but I recommend finding the right program, not the right "length" of the program.
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    My Dutch colleague who completed his MBA in 2 years at a U in The Netherland, when we asked him the reason why he didn't select a UK school with 1 year MBA.
    Immediately burst out: "UK doesn't have business so MBA is in 1 year!!!!!!!!!!"
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    With that said, perhaps you'd list a few.
  5. Afterhours

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    I (she) do know what I want to study - something in the Liberal Arts or Social Sciences. I am being intentionally "open" because I need something that can be done in one calendar year. So, if someone knows of, or has completed an MLA degree (masters of liberal arts) at XYZ College online in 14 months, this would be of interest.

    I have helped people on this forum and I will in the future. I am not asking for a custom tailored degree. I don't know where else to look.

    I was also wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with Texas Christian University MLA degree. It's hard to tell how long that takes.
    Please, I really could use some advice.

    Thanks all.
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  6. Afterhours

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    Oh and no business, management, or STEM. Don't like. Don't need. Had enough math and science at Stony Brook.
  7. Neuhaus

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    So, you know what you want to study you just don't know which of a dozen or more possible fields of study would strike your fancy.

    Yeah, sorry, I have to revert back to "you don't know what you want to study."

    That you've "limited" your scope to a field as widely spread as counseling, history or sociology (seriously, those three have very little in common) is a good start. But your request is honestly reminding me of my son's desire for me to name every possible food option in the house so that he can choose which he is willing to eat.

    The key difference is that I am legally and morally obligated to ensure my child consumes food. I owe no such obligation to an adult who can't figure out what she wants to be when she grows up and complains about the advice given thus far.

    So, good luck with the Googling.
  8. Kizmet

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  9. ryan785

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    Well, I'm biased because I live and studied in California, but here's the whole list of them:
  10. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    Thanks! I'll look into these.

    Since someone still said that I don't know what I want to study - I will say it once more - Liberal arts or social science. An MLA/S degree would do the trick.
  11. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Personally I don't care but I think their point is that "liberal arts and social sciences" is composed of a dozen or so disciplines, all quite different from each other.
  12. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    Yes, it does. However, I am open to several disciplines - not dozens. English, History, Sociology, Psych, American Studies, Political Science and masters in liberal arts (MLA/MLS)

    I did look into the program at Arizona State - I do not have the background in communications that it seems would be needed.

    I called Texas Christian University - it's way over my budget. It would amount to about 50K.

    Prestigious is a relative term. I'm not looking for an Ivy League school, but a regionally accredited college with an actual campus.
    I really do appreciate those of you who have given me suggestions.

    Counseling programs are another option, since I have a background in Psychology. I was looking into University of the Cumberlands today. Does anyone have any experience with this school?
  13. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    Thanks Ryan785!
  14. GoodYellowDogs

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    My MBA is easily doable in 8 months. No, I'm not doing it that way because I'm unmotivated at the moment. It's going to take me a year.

    It's not prestigious, it's not haughty, it's checking a box for me.

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