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  1. bazonkers

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    My situation needs a little background information before I ask my question. I attended Penn State University after high school and completed 50.5 credits with a 1.96 GPA before leaving. Around 39 of those credits were a C or better.

    Since I left Penn State, I've taken numerous classes at a local community college as well many CLEP, Dantes and ECE exams. I graduated from Excelsior College with a BS In General Business and a much more respectable 3.43 GPA. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and I always wanted to graduate from Penn State even though I left and finished my degree elsewhere. I figured out that I only needed 2 classes from PSU to finish an AA degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences. I finished those classes this spring via distance education and will graduate in a week or so.

    When I re-enrolled at Penn State, because of my previously horrible GPA and the fact that I hadn't taken classes in 4 years at Penn State, they reset my GPA to 0.0 through a policy they have called academic renewal. All my old grades still show up on my transcript, but they don't affect my GPA. My graduation GPA is completely based on whatever I received in my classes going forward. Being that I only needed two classes to finish, my entire GPA is based on 6 credits. I finished both with an A so my GPA is a 4.0.

    This leads me to my question. What do I put down when asked for my GPA? 4.0? Anyone that looks at my transcript will clearly see that a 4.0 is really not my true GPA but technically is it. What would you list?
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  2. Ian Anderson

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    Umless it is relevant to a job application I would not put the AA on my resume or job/college application. When you earn your graduate degree then it will become less relevant.
    If I felt it was important to include the AA then I would use calculate the true GPA for the AA (=2.15?). I believe this would be ethical path to take.
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  3. bazonkers

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    Thanks, that is what I was thinking of doing. I know it won't be that important but some government forms for security clearances etc. have asked for all degrees earned including GPA.

    Thanks for the advice.
  4. edowave

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    UF does the same thing. If you are undergrad, and then start graduate school, they erase your undergraduate GPA. I've also been applying for some government positions recently that ask for GPA.

    What I did, was to list my GPA according to what UF says it is, since this is something that a background investigator will check with the university. In addition to that, I submit my transcripts that have both my undergraduate and graduate courses on it when applying for the position. The HR people can then see everything.

    In your case however, the classes are all undergrad. You might want to ask your question on the forums. There are in HR and background investigators who might be able to give you a better answer.

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