Another List of Bogus Institutions

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by roysavia, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. roysavia

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    If you are interested in Degrees-r-us for your next phoney degree, here is a list of bogus institutions that provide degrees for their applicants who have "life experience" qualifications:

    Adams University
    Imperial University College
    Kendall University
    Macarther University
    Ratchford University
    Ross College
    Walsh Business College
    Xavier Business College

    The diploma mill business is not only alive and well.....but thriving!
  2. plumbdog10

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    I clicked onto the Adams University website, and learned that all of your submitted transcripts must be sent to the National Academic Archive Registrar. When I followed that link, I found that a student must pay $195.00 to open an account, and a $45.00 fee each time the archive sends your transcripts out.:eek:

    The schools I have attended hold my transcripts for free, and charge me $4.00 to send a certified copy out.:D
  3. kevingaily

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    Ahhhhh, America.....the land of opportunity. :D

  4. Guest

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    The motto of Macarther University is:

    "We shall return."
  5. Bill Huffman

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    Re: Re: Another List of Bogus Institutions

    We shall return (after the FBI has left).
  6. Guest

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    Re: Re: Re: Another List of Bogus Institutions

    Indeed! :D
  7. uncle janko

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    Note also that this "Walsh Business College" is NOT the same as Walsh College, an RA business/accountancy school in Troy, Michigan. Even the colors are copied from the real Walsh College website.
  8. Rich Douglas

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    Re: Re: Re: Another List of Bogus Institutions

    Under a different name, of course. ;)

    [email protected] New Member

    Some colleges send transcripts free of charge. Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, and British Columbia Open University are 3 that I know of.

    However, I think NAAR may be willing to send out forged transcripts submitted by the "student". (It says, "Each individual and/or entity that archives records into the National Academic Archive Registrar database is solely responsible for the data contained in their personal record." And "When returning by mail; A) Attach your academic records and fax them to us." If so, NAAR provides an extra service that your alma mater does not. :p

    Searching for "National Academic Archive Registrar" finds an interesting little family:

    Adams University
    Concordia College & University
    Imperial University College (only in Google's cache at the moment)
    Degree Assessment
    Graduation Consulting (in Russian)

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    [email protected] New Member

  12. ianmoseley

    ianmoseley New Member

    adams and walsh are both registred to AES in Dominica. (Usrely Adams should be associated with the Munsters Academy!?)

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