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  1. SteveFoerster

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    As an aside, I don't agree that public speaking isn't relevant to a business program.
  2. TCord1964

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    I guess it depends upon the business. I agree it's relevant to many in business who are tasked with giving presentations. It is, however, irrelevant to me specifically, considering I worked in broadcasting and have been delivering speeches for about 30 years.
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    Jiapur National University conformed to me that they do not write the mode of learning on one's diploma. One gets the same degree as those who attended campus. While for those who need a MBA or further post graduate studies it matters not if it is written that they acquired the degree ONLINE, for a starter, one who wants a bachelors for further studies, I still think it matters... Okay here is my problem with it:

    In Slovakia, the state law regarding equivalency of foreign degrees does not favor distance learning (especially online studies). Unaccredited schools or degrees earned online are not recognized here. So, one can practically NOT use a degree that states that one went to college online here. If the degree is silent about it and if it is from an accredited institution, there is often no problem...
  4. Hille

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    Good Morning, I hope this thread earns a sticky status. Educational budgets are an issue and this could be an answer to several family members seeking a grad degree. Many thanks. Hille
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    I have started the process of applying to Amity University for their BBA. I filled out the online form, and they replied with an email with some more forms attached. I need to fill out a more detailed application, attached a photo and scan and email my high school transcripts.

    Amity does not accept transfer credit from other schools, so I would essentially be starting over with my studies, but it's a 3-year degree. Even so, the cost is less than it would be if I finished my studies at Excelsior. My educational interests have changed from communications to business, so I'm looking forward to taking the business courses. I have taken a couple of them before, so I'll probably breeze through those quickly.

    My next step is to complete the forms and pay my application fee, which after currency conversion is about 8 dollars.
  7. sideman

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    TCord you're to be commended for essentially starting over. Please keep us posted on your journey and progress.
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    Are there any Indian universities that will accept transfer credits?
  9. TCord1964

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    I got the impression from Amity the answer is no.
  10. Hille

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    Good Morning, I continue the search for a Grad. program online in Liberal Arts. I additionally am looking for a friend who requires a MSN. Both of these people have excessive credits to transfer. Ideas, feedback greatfully accepted. Thanks. Hille
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    I have been poking around the IGNOU website and I'm wondering if there's any info on this school. To my knowledge, none of our members have attended but they offer many programs and degrees.
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  13. TCord1964

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    Just an update on Amity University. Their BBA program (and I'm sure other bachelor degree programs) seem to have increased quite a bit in price. Instead of $400 per semester, they are now $1,500 per semester, making a bachelor degree $9,000, instead of the less than $3,000 price they charged just a few months ago.

    I guess they had a lot of foreign students applying for online courses, so they have jacked up the price.

    Jaiper National University prices have increased a little, but they haven't more than tripled like Amity.
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    JNU Distance Learning AKA UTSGLOBAL Scam

    Sharing my experience about one Indian University and many others specifically linked with UTSGLOBAL.
    INDIA: Jaipur National University Distance Learning -AKA- UTS GLOBAL is a fraud/scam organization running in India... These people will take your money and then when the exam time come after few months from admissions they will say that your admission is not accepted by the university.... so obviously you will have to request for a refund which they will never give... also even after requesting for cancelation of account and refund of money for which they will send confirmation email but still they will continue to withdraw your cheques... I even said that I will go to consumer court on which one person Mr Albert from Kerala working in Pune/Mumbai (over a telephonic conversation) said that JNU is big and my complaint will not stand a chance against them... may be they have some contacts within Indian government to make such a comment with such a confidence... I will be happy to share all the email conversation and details I am having if any body want to know more before dealing with these people... please email me on [email protected] and my enrollment ID with UTSGLOBAL is 2014000898... also note that if you are thinking of taking admissions with Jaipur National University Distance Learning and many other universities, then be assured that all your money/assignments/study material will be under UTSGLOBAL and not under the actual university.. even whatever assignments you do will be on some blackboard server of UTSGLOBAL and if you call JNU and if you'll say distance learning, they will not entertain and will give some other number which is of these people...

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