.... and they thought AIU was a mill.

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  1. italiansupernova

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    Not long ago I moved a bit up-state to Canton, OH. I was curious as to whether or not any local colleges offered accelerated degree programs. I stumbled upon two that did.

    Malone College: When asked what institution I would be coming from I said American InterContinental University. She responded: "American (pause) InterContinental (pause) University... are they regionally accredited?" To which I had to inform her of their SACS accreditation. Then it was "Oh, yeah. Okay then."

    After that I phoned Walsh University: I told them where I was coming from "American Intercontinental University" I said. To which the advisor responded "Ameri... what? Are they accredited?" To which I had to say "Yes, they're accredited by SACS" to which she replied "Oh, well then we would accept those credits."

    Perhaps it's because 'American InterContinental University" too closely resembles past and current diploma/degree mills. I'm not sure. Anyway, I just figured I'd share my story.
  2. qvatlanta

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    I think it's basically because "American Intercontinental University" is a horrible, stupid name. School names should not have the word "continent" anywhere within them because it just sounds bombastic, pretentious, mill-ish and even cultish.... the same goes for "World" or "Universal".

    "American Intercontinental Hotels" sounds OK, but "American Intercontinental University" does not. "Universal Studios" sounds OK but "Universal University Of Holistic Spirituality" does not. I think it's just that simple. Even if AIU had Harvard-calibre programs people would still doubt them because of that name. If you talked to that woman and said "American Inter(mumble) University maybe you would have had a different reaction!
  3. oxpecker

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    Though AIU is in fact intercontinental (with campuses on multiple continents).
  4. George Brown

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    Correct. I have vistited the London one on a couple of occasions and it's rather nice.


  5. Ted Heiks

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    But since it is American and Intercontinental, can anyone tell me where their South American campus(es) is/are?

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