Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

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    I took this exam today at my Army Continuing Education System building. The exam was more difficult than it needed to be because other than taking 15 or so of the questions in the CLEP Official Study Guide, I had done NO studying whatsoever. I finished with about 42 minutes left on the clock. Just 2 hours or so of light review on literary terms would have netted another 6 questions or so that I got right. The rest of it was fairly easy. I won't know my score for about 8 weeks because of the bass aackwards way this test center sends off tests. Its not their fault, I think its required by DANTES, but it is the 21st century, sheesh. I am fairly confident I passed though. I also have a post up on the Natural Sciences exam.

    As a side note, this was my second CLEP exam. The first being the Information Systems and Computer Applications about 3-4 weeks ago.
  2. beholdweb

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    Hi tgrusso78,

    So it takes several weeks to get your CLEP results back as well as the DSSTs? Are your CLEPs pen and paper also?

    That has to be very frustrating. I love the computerized CLEPs with their instant results, but the wait for the DANTES results is horrible.

    Still, at least you are not paying for that is probably worth the inconvenience.

    Keep us updated on your progress.

  3. tgrusso78

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    If I had to pay the full exam price for computerized, then yes, it would be worth the wait. However all I need to pay for testing at a computerized site is $15 for the test center's fee. That and a drive to Richmond(30 minutes). If I was near a post with a larger ed center, I could take the computerized CLEPs for free also. Alas, that is not the case.
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    I would probably pay the $15 and drive the 30 minutes to Richmond for the added benefit of immediate results. Two months is a LONG TIME to be waiting nervously for the results of every single exam you take.

    In fact, I DO drive 30 minutes (to Pittsburgh) AND pay $50+$15 for that added benefit. :p

    Of course DANTES are always pen and paper and always involve a long wait for the results. I hate that!

  5. tgrusso78

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    Are you from around Mars?
  6. Rich Douglas

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    Nor was any really necessary. Congratulations on completing the CLEP Reading Test, by far the easiest CLEP test in the bunch. I have no doubt you'll receive a fine score.
  7. beholdweb

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    Heck no! I don't go THAT far to take my exams.
    Sometimes it feels like I am from Mars.
    Are there test centers even on Mars now?

    ;) Sorry! I couldn't help myself.

    Actually, I am about 30 or so miles from Mars.....Mars, PA that is!
  8. tgrusso78

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    Yea, I was trying to resist making any "Mars" jokes. I figured you'd heard them all by now.
  9. AGS

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    How was the Lit Exam ?

    How was it ..I am considering taking it
  10. beholdweb

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    Re: How was the Lit Exam ?


    Analyzing & Interpreting Literature is a difficult exam to actually study for. You are either good at analyzing and interpreting literature, or you are not.

    I would say that MOST people with reasonable English language and English comprehension skills can pass this exam and earn 6-credits easily.

    You do have to work fast to complete this exam in 90 minutes if you are not a speed reader.

    Also, if you study the basic literary terms you will pick up a few extra points on the exam.

    On the whole I would encourage everyone to take this exam if they can read and understand English and have good comprehension abilities.

    Good luck,

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