An AI Lawyer Is About to Defend a Human in a U.S. Courtroom

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    I'm sure Portuguese, Arabs, English and Dutch were more interested in enslavement and removal of Africans, rather than musical jamming. They were the Big Four of the um- business.
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    ChatGPT is on its way to becoming a virtual doctor, lawyer, and business analyst. Here's a list of advanced exams the AI bot has passed so far.

    Lakshmi Varanasi
    Sat, January 28, 2023 at 3:59 PM GMT+2

    • ChatGPT is a chatbot launched by OpenAI that uses generative artificial intelligence to create its own content.

    • The bot has been used to generate essays and write exams, often passing, but making mistakes, too.

    • Insider rounded up a list of the assignments, quizzes, and tests ChatGPT has passed.
    Wharton MBA Exam
    ChatGPT would have received a B or B- on a Wharton exam, according to a professor at the business school.David Tran Photo/Shutterstock
    Wharton professor Christian Terwiesch recently tested the technology with questions from his final exam in operations management— which was once a required class for all MBA students — and published his findings.

    Terwiesch concluded that the bot did an "amazing job" answering basic operations questions based on case studies, which are focused examinations of a person, group, or company, and a common way business schools teach students.

    In other instances though, ChatGPT made simple mistakes in calculations that Terwiesch thought only required 6th-grade-level math. Terwiesch also noted that the bot had issues with more complex questions that required an understanding of how multiple inputs and outputs worked together.

    Ultimately, Terwiesch said the bot would receive an B or B- on the exam.

    US medical licensing exam

    Researchers put ChatGPT through the United States Medical Licensing Exam — a three part exam that aspiring doctors take between medical school and residency — and reported their findings in a paper published in December 2022.

    The paper's abstract noted that ChatGPT "performed at or near the passing threshold for all three exams without any specialized training or reinforcement. Additionally, ChatGPT demonstrated a high level of concordance and insight in its explanations."

    Ultimately, the results show that large language models — which ChatGPT has been trained on— may have "the potential" to assist with medical education and even clinical decision making, the abstract noted.
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    It appears the later-arriving Portuguese, (Joãos-come-lately? :)) who colonized Angola certainly did. And it appears the African musicians dug it. Google:

    "Angola got independence from Portugal on 1975. So the traditional music of Angola is mixture of African roots, Portuguese and amazingly Latin music. One of the first and most important pioneers of modern Angolian music was Liceu Vierira Dias. He made a band named Ngola Ritmos in 1940. ....etc."
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    Portugal set up its first colony in Angola in 1575. Usual story -- a long war with the Ndongo people ensued.... Exactly 400 years later - Independence. Portugal held on to some of her colonies for quite a while. The last Portuguese colony in India gained Independence in 1962.
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    Back to AI. Out of curiosity, I wonder what number an AI like ChatGPT could achieve on a standard, accepted IQ test. Anyone ever researched that with it? Probably outer-space phenomenal.
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    Does anybody else remember Max Headroom?
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    Yes - in fact, back in the day, a company where I worked hired a VP who had the misfortune of looking a lot like Max Headroom, and who was a sarcastic, overbearing so-and-so. I always referred to this guy as "Max" - not in his hearing, of course. I never reported to him, which was good, because I got a bad vibe, disliked him on sight, and wasn't the least bit sorry when his time there came to an abrupt and messy ending. His undoing was on him, 100%. Don't think anyone who worked for him was sorry to see him go, either.

    I never "caught the wave," I guess. Yes, once in a while I was tempted to put a shoe through my TV screen, but the on-screen Max Headroom was generally easier to tolerate than the Office Monster - and sometimes fun. For those who didn't know Max, here he is:
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    The actor who played him, Matt Frewer, has been a guest star and had recurring roles in various sci-fi shows and movies ever since, always to their benefit. (And Johann, he's Canadian.)
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    I know. :)
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    In fact, Canadian actors often do pretty well in the US. They need to - there's hardly ANY money in acting, in Canada. Hollywood likes them, because their speech is easily intelligible to Californians. American actors there tell the Canadians things like, "Hey - you talk like us, only better." :)
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    Peter Jennings was another Canadian who reached the top of US journalism. My mom watched him on World News Tonight every night for over twenty years: it was on before Jeopardy!, hosted by fellow Canadian Alex Trebek.
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    Indeed. I remember seeing on nearby US stations. A top-notch professional, all the way. Peter is very much missed, both sides of the border. He passed away in 2005. Thank you for adding him, Steve.
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    Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings - A distinguished name for a distinguished professional.

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