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    India has the reputation of becoming the hotspot of computing in the world in the future. True or not, there are some quite interesting universities there. One of them is the Amity University which has some interesting things to offer - the first link is a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in cooperation with ASU, the second free certificate courses (course: free, certificate for an additional fee):

    Maybe this interesting for some people here.

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    Amity has a couple of threads on here. the general opinion is pretty good. They were offering a free degree program a while back. A couple of DI people enrolled and then reported troubles - lack of response after they finished the first or second course. I'm not necessarily holding it against the school - or anyone else - because I'm unaware of details. I've read generally favorable reports of the school.

    This Business Analytics combined US/Indian offering looks good. It's a Grad Cert and fairly expensive, in Indian terms. 155,000 rupees. $ 2,114 US. It is UGC approved, and I guess RA in US - ASU is the partner.
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    It seems they still do:

    I wanted to do it in 2015, the content was nice - but I would have to travel several thousand kilometers to the next test center (in my case: London, from Germany), so, it would not have been really cheap for me. But hey, great nonetheless!
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    Revoco. Site obviously inactive. My bad.
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    Siempre es una buena idea.
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    Maybe that's why our guys got no response after their initial courses. But to yank the program without notice to students? Odd... maybe I'm missing something.

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