American Pacific University dropping doctoral degrees in hypnotherapy

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  1. laferney

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    American Pacific University, which started the Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy degree as the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in hopes of making clinical hypnotherapy an established field of study and profession has apparently given up.
    They are now transitioning to a university offering the Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and the Bachelor's Degree in Transpersonal Studies.
    From their website:
    For learners currently enrolled* in the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Esoteric Studies degree programs at the Bachelor's and doctoral levels.
    *No longer accepting new learners into the Esoteric and Hypnotherapy Degree Programs.

    and to current students:
    All current hypnotherapy and esoteric degree program learners must submit their coursework via electronic mail,
    per a Student Notification sent to you December 14, 2006.

    So either Hawaii "cracked down on them" or they decided to go for DETC.
  2. Rich Douglas

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    Sounds like a DETC move. DETC won't take them with the doctorates, and real bachelor's programs are very hard to populate with content and run.
  3. Hypno

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    My query is whether or not the American Pacific University (Kona University) is currently in serious violation of accredition rules because some of their instructors use the title “Dr” for a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy issued by this university to them. In particular, the listing for instructors Dr. Deana Ryan, Dr. John Ryan, and Dr. Brian Walsh. In addition, instructor Dr. Masud Ansari uses the title DCH (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy). My understanding is that the DCH is an unrecognised, unccredited degree in the USA.

    Please view link: Staff and Instructors | Kona University

    Is it not the case that the American Pacific University has never been accredited by the DETC to issue Doctorates in Clinical Hypnotherapy? Is it not the case that, in most USA states, it is a criminal offense to use the title “Doctor” if it was received from an unaccredited institution?

    Can anyone please help me with finding an answer to this? Thank you.

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