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    Thanks for the information; I’d never heard of this one. The downside could be that they’re not NCATE accredited (e.g., some states will not accept for educator credentialing /certification non-NCATE accredited coursework universities). Lamar University (Texas) offers the M.Ed. in several specializations online for under $5000 for current educators. The Lamar program can also be completed in 18-months and is additionally accredited by NCATE as well as SACS. I just don't recall if this tuition rate is only for Texas residents.
  2. :eek: Good stuff! I knew nothing about NCATE. Thanks for making that known. Out of state tuition at Lamar is $6,960.00. The Lamar University site doesn't say if online students have in or out of state tuition, but that still is only $10 more than the ACE program... a $10 that would definitely be worth the accreditation. :D

    Here is a very interesting article about online students outperforming the rest on the Principal's Exams.

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    In that it’s an online program there is probably no difference in tuition – at least there shouldn’t be IMO. Normally if there is a difference in tuitions they’d most likely list it on the web page. Just give Lamar a call for the answer. Lamar is a well established and respected university in Texas.

    As far as online students out-performing traditional students on the state exam: Most online students are older and more mature with industry experience. A M.Ed. online student is more than likely a credentialed educator wanting to both advance their knowledge and career opportunities – more motivated /focused (?).

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    American College of Education was part of DePaul University in Chicago, but detached in 2005 as separate institution.
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    Certainly nothing off the mark with DePaul …
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    Is there any information on Lamar's online MEd program on their official website? I looked around but couldn't find anything ... it's not listed on their "distance education" page:

    I did find this page which mentions the 18-month online MEd program:

    But their list of their MEd programs makes no mention of it, they all look like they are on campus:

    Their website is rather poorly designed and confusing :confused:
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    The Lamar M.Ed. program is delivered online or on campus. The University is in partnership with Higher Ed Holding (Dallas, TX) regarding this particular offering. According to the website: “Lamar University offers two online master's degree programs through its Academic Partnership with Higher Ed Holdings -- a Master's in Educational Administration and a Master's in Teacher Leadership. Students enrolled in either Master's of Education program at Lamar can pursue their degree online or on-campus.”

    Just give them a call. 1.866.223.7675
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    Both programs require you to be a licensed teacher. I wish they would open this up to anyone. These are great prices.
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    Anyone have a problem with 2000 students in a GRADUATE class?

    How about multiple choice tests for grad students?

    Did anyone see how they obtained their RA accreditation?
    Apparently it is possible to buy regional accreditation.
  10. Are you sure that doesn't mean 2,000 total for the whole program, or 2,000 total for each course (with several different classes and professors), not 2,000 in the same class?

    Hmm... interesting... :\

    Maybe we need clarification here... does the word "through," in this context mean "by the means of" or "continued during the course of?" Is it saying that the purchase procured their accreditation, or that the same accreditation they had previously survived the purchase?
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    Their enrollments are definitely greater than 2,000 students.

    From an official Larmar University website bearing a date of June, 2009:

    The referenced article is the source of that "2,000 students in a class" number. The comments at the end of that article are quite interesting.
  12. There's nothing I see there that would alarm me about the quality of the program. However, your take on the matter, and willingness to share your thoughts, might be worthwhile points for one who is considering this program to keep in mind.

    Maybe now is the point where someone who has taken this program could jump in and tell us about their experience- supposing anyone on this board has.

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    Though I didn’t personally take this particular M.Ed. route in that it wasn’t available when I did the M.Ed. ... I have worked with a number of Lamar University College of Education graduates (both under- and graduate-level degreed). I have never individually experienced any lack of confidence whatsoever with the professional abilities displayed by Lamar University graduates – top notch! I believe Lamar has been quite innovative and forward-thinking in its educational partnership with Ed Holdings of Dallas in offering a very competitively priced M.Ed. NCATE accredited program for educators – meeting consumer needs whether they be desired traditionally or via web-based format.
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    Can someone post this to the MEd Sticky?
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    It's essentially the same program as the American College of Education's, run by the same company, Higher Ed Holdings.
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    Not quite. Even though owned by Higher Ed Holdings – American College of Education is a for-profit non-traditional online [only] university (e.g., DePaul University affiliated acquisition 2004); conversely, both Lamar University and Arkansas State University- Jonesboro are established traditional (B&M) state universities that utilize Ed Holdings as their online M.Ed. program management co. (partnership) vendor. American College is indeed RA (NCA); however without USDOE programmatic /specialized accreditation (e.g., NCATE or TEACAC), the caveat being that the American College of Education M.Ed. may not be approved for Educator credentialing /licensure purposes in certain states. If Teacher /administrator licensure is the consumer’s goal – a precedent should be to check with the particular state’s Board of Education for clarification prior to enrolling.

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