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    Thanks Oxpecker. I knew that about Andrew Flaxman but was unaware of the questionables about Keith Seddon.
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    "And now, in addition to Akamai, he is affiliated with the truly dreadful American Coastline University for everything from high school diplomas to doctorates."

    This is getting ugly.
  3. DrCapogrossi

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    I have been following your discussion, and believe me, we are addressing the matters about which your speak. I cannot, however, do more than advise our adjunct faculty concerning their outside affiliations.

    At this point in our development, neither Prof. Flaxman nor Dr. Seddon have directed any graduate student committee activities...and they have done little or no graduate course instruction. I do not judge either as harsely as you have, but such matters as you speak require attention.

    We attempted to build Master's study programs in the Humanities but unfortunately we have not been successful in bringing students into those programs.

    We are in process of rethinking ALL of our affiliations, reducing the program array considerably at some, and ending other cooperative programs altogether. We have scheduled these matters to be resolved this year. One step at a time, based upon the seriousness of the matters.

    If it cannot be done, I mean if quality assurance cannot be achieved, programs will be eliminated. We expect it will take a few months to work through these matters. We have the will and quality management shall be achieved.

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    Thank you Doctor for your reply. It is encouraging that you are taking steps to address identified issues. It seems unfortunate, however, that it required the efforts of the members of this forum for you to take such steps. What of the future? Will you be putting us on retainer? A large donation to degreeinfo? I myself am rather affordable. My advice is rated at a point somewhere between $.02 and $.035. I believe that Gregg can verify this figure.
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    Actually, Doctor, Jack inflates the value of his advice considerably. He should be paying you to take his advice.
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    Thanks, Douglass, for your responses.

    *Perhaps* listing only active faculty members would be a good idea; a long list of people who aren't actively involved in Akamai *may* well sound like an inflated claim rather than a list of resources.

    Checking other affiliations probably would be a good idea. Sure, Dr. XYZ has a right to affiliate anywhere she wishes--but those other affiliations might detract from her functioning as a chiffre (sorry about the Jaspersism) of Akamai's authenticity.

    Best wishes to you.

    Janko Preotul
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    Thanks Bill.

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    "I have been following your discussion, and believe me, we are addressing the matters about which your speak. I cannot, however, do more than advise our adjunct faculty concerning their outside affiliations."

    This is somewhat of an amusing (amazing) response from someone serving in a chief leadership position.

    Actually, Dr. Capogrossi could simply eliminate adjunct faculty who have questionable outside affiliations. Better yet, he could have screened and selected more reputable adjunct faculty to begin with. Of course, such actions would only occur if a true interest in building legitimate faculty and a reputable institution were to exist.

    This late in the game, I struggle with the notion that all of these issues surrounding Akamai come as any real surprise to Dr. Capogrossi. The school appears to have started out (intentionally or unintentionally – the latter of which I have serious doubt) in the same questionable way as it continues to operate and be viewed today. To think that all of Akamai’s current legitimacy issues, questionable actions and associations went undetected by Dr. Capogrossi, or that such actions and associations were not intentional, is a bit much to accept. Based on Dr. Capogrossi’s credentials and experience, I doubt that the school was so horribly mismanaged that it could allow such situations and issues to flourish without executive management’s knowledge or ability to make appropriate changes.

    Perhaps there has been a change heart, a new vision, or simply a matter of someone now desperately trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, I don’t know. Unfortunately, the only alternative explanation I see surrounding the recent dialog presented by Dr. Capogrossi is that of paint and canvas: simply trying to portray Akamai as something legitimate and wonderful while obscuring the reality of what truly exist. I hope the latter is not the case. However, some form of tangible action and evidence is needed to move from the rhetoric to reality.

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    Problems with agents were reported here long ago and promises were made by Dr. C that he would look into it and cleanup any problems. He is apparently still looking into it? Was this the plan from the beginning or just an opportunity siezed? It is possible that AU was started up with good intentions but lacked funds so affiliated with some southeast asian agents of dubious character. It happened so quickly after opening the doors it would seem more likely to me that it was the plan from the beginning.

    In any case it appears that the plan now is to provide the best facade possible within the USA but let one's agents rake in the dirty money overseas. When the dubious nature of the agents becomes known then admit that there's a problem and say that it's going to be cleaned up in order to keep the facade up as long as possible.
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    52 ready made students for Dr. C in Malaysia and 5 DBA students... Let us make an intelligent estiamte of the money earned;

    US4000 x 52 = US208, 000 ---- 20% should go to Akamai and the rest to Agnets...which mean Dr. C got instant cash of US41, 600 for doing nothing just printing the papers..

    USD7000 x 5 = US35,000 ---- 20% should go to Akamai and the rest to Agnets...which mean Dr. C got instant cash of US7000 for doing nothing just printing the papers.

    A TOTAL OF US48,600 instant cash...WHY WOULD NOT DR C TAKE IT?
  11. Xtra

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    Wan, this is really a good estimation and I am sure something had been trade with this kind of money volume. Hoo Approx $50,000 is almost equal RM 200,000 and after that there are still plenty of students following graduate with AU. The 52 is just a beginning and possible there are more 100, 200 or 300 after the year which mean is double, triple and 4X. This is huge. Wan, let's go to HI and Incorpoate a university and make this money, what a easy job. Oh we need Laser Printer Machine and a PC I buy Printer and you buy PC make sure is Pentium 4 and above, we need to make a very high resolution to print out a good character even most of the people will know this is Mill but the printing quality must be in superb quality. Let's all. Lets start the business.

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    Why say 'start'! You are already in it!
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    'The lady does protest too much' (adapted Shakespeare)
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    Then you should be William Shakepill. Ladies and Gentlement Welcome to the stage William Shakepill Drama that presented by David Copperfail.

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    "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
    - Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)
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    I can see most of the drama that been author by them can go for holiwoood movie. What do you think Wan.
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    I believe that I mentioned in a previous posting in this thread that I had gone to the Akamai website and taken down a small list of the faculty members listed in one of the departments that I found interesting. I did a basic google search and only one of thos persons yielded any hits. That person was Dr. Stanley Krippner. He teaches at Saybrook. I went to the Saybrook website and found his email address and sent him some questions regarding Akamai, his level of involvement, his impressions, etc. I identified myself by name (with address, etc.) and I believe I was rather polite in my inquiries (I can be polite when I want). I would simply like to report that after a reasonable waiting period, he has not replied. Draw your own conclusions.
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    I believe some of the faculty not even know their name had been appear insite the list of AU faculty.
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    I would simply think that Dr Krippner, knowing the content of the discussion going on about Akamai on this board, does not wish to comment or draw his name or reputation into discussion. All very understandable.

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