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    I have a 2 year diploma from a Canadian accredited college with approx. 85 credits. I graduated in 1994 and have been working in the IT industry developing software solutions of one type or another for the entire duration. My roles have included a number of technical team lead positions, engineering positions, etc... and the last 5 years I have spent working on large BI projects. Most of my career I have worked as an independent contractor.

    I am now working as a FT employee of a mid sized company with great potential. I have almost reached the ceiling of opportunity due to education and wish to complete a degree in either MIS or CIS (prefer MIS as I am largely working in a management capacity).

    Any thoughts or opinions on what would be the fastest and most effective way to obtain one of these degrees? I would prefer an accredited degree but if there are degrees that most companies will accept, I am willing to look at that option also. My priorities are a University that will:

    1. Transfer my Canadian associates degree credits
    2. Provide some healthy credit for my 16 years of work experience in the IT industry.
    3. Can be used towards a MBA degree in the future perhaps.

    Appreciate any feedback on this.
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    Excelsior (EC), Thomas Edison State College (TESC), and Charter Oak State College are called the big 3. They are the 3 Regionally Accredited college in the United States that accept 120 degrees as transfer.

    Excelsior has two interesting programs, a BS in Business administration with a Concentration with Managemen Information System or a BS in Information Technology.

    I do not know TESC's programs very well.

    As a Canadian, your transcript would first have to be evaluated at World Education Services before EC or TESC would evaluate your previous credits

    I am on a simlar path myself, and found test taking to be the fastest and most economical best way for me to complete the needed credits, thus the forum at CLEP Forum - CLEP Study - CLEP Testing - Study Guide and Strategies has been invaluable. You will find by searching past posts people's degree plans.

    I personally think such a path is for people who are self motivated.

    The degree program is a valid Regionally Acredited degree, and as such is valid for enrollement in a Masters.
  3. Johann

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    Good recommendation


    Good recommendation, for several reasons. First, Athabasca is RA as well as Provincially chartered (Alberta) , so a degree from there is 100% acceptable both sides of the border.

    Second - Athabasca is familiar with Canadian College diplomas and won't "look at you funny" or send your diploma out for translation - or some other expensive (to you) exercise. American schools tend to do funny things because Associate degrees are seldom awarded in most provinces outside of BC. What you most often get (as I did, in Ontario) is a diploma that represents the same level of work but is not called a degree.

    All other things being equal (as they seldom are), the two-year diploma should get you about two years towards your degree at Athabasca.

    Experiential credit is available at Athabasca, but I haven't a clue how much credit your 16 years of work will get you. They have a course in portfolio development for precisely this purpose.

    Yes - I'd take a serious look at them. Good school.

  4. Johann

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    Another possibility

    Hi again

    I know you want a school that will give you maximum exemptions for stuff you already know how to do, whether from work or your college experience.

    You may find this school's "competency approach" interesting:

    Western Governors University. It has unusual accreditation; I believe WGU received simultaneous accreditation from not one, but FOUR of the "Big 6" RA accreditors. In addition, it has DETC (National) accreditation. That should be enough! :)

    Have a look at their site:

    You mentioned an eventual MBA. WGU offers grad degrees too, so...

    I wish you every success.

  5. ITJD

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    The above is true. However, WGU has since settled on North Central Accreditation and has let the other agencies lapse save DETC.

    Impressive nonetheless.
  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    You're right, of course.


    When I wrote about WGU, I should have said that it was unique in receiving its INITIAL accreditation from four of the Big Six. That's what the WGU site said and I should have used their word. I apologize.

    Yes, it is now RA (North Central) and NA (DETC) as you said.

    Sorry for any confusion. Still a great school, that might well suit our member. I continue to wish Taurkon every success. :)


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