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    Hi all,
    I would like to get some hours in english and history to be able to teach online. I already teach online for two universities in the area of theology and religious studies.

    Would you recommend CSUDH's External Humanities (HUX) program or a master's degree from UNISA in one of those areas?

    With the HUX program, I know I could possibly "major" in both areas to get the 18 hours needed to teach. The program is also very cost effective for my budget. But, it will be a degree in humanities and not necessarily in the areas of history or english .

    UNISA would be very affordable and I would be willing to do course work in both history and english; however, while I know UNISA has the equivalent of regional accrediation, I am still concerned about the courses translating into 18 hours for the American system.

    Can anyone offer some experience or guidance in these areas?


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    Since you're already doing some online teaching I'd suggest that you approach those schools and ask them how they'd view the UNISA credits. This will give more than a good hint about how other schools will respond to those credits.
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