Addiction Studies

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    The title sounded like it was for those who post a lot at o_O
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    Lol but seriously though, it's important topic these days. People are addicted to everything.
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    darn, me again beat me to it.
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    Very cool! And it meets the LCDC requirements. That would be a great combo with an MSW or MA/MS in Professional Counselling.
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    Hi there,
    Will try to be short.
    I was a heavy smoker. Now I've almost overcome this problem.
    But my brother.....
    He smokes marijuana. I was asking him a thousand times to stop. I offered help, asked him to go to the doctor. He disagrees.
    I think now he needs long-term rehab. Maybe I should find a rehab center for him?
    I'm reading the article about that now to understand how all that system works. Here's it
    [link removed by Moderator because it seemed kind of spammish]
    Maybe someone faced this problem too. Would be grateful for any advice.
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