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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Jason Taylor, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Jason Taylor

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    Hi all,
    I am new to this board, but I discovered it in my search for information regarding accounting degrees. I have an MS in accounting and I have recently decided that I would like to transition to teaching at a university. I have 20 years of accounting experience (although I never got my CPA) and I have been adjust teaching for the last 2 semesters at a local private university.
    I have 3 kids, 2 of which are in high school right now so I am not really in the position to uproot my family, nor enter into any kind of fellowship program. I also don't want to get an online doctorate from a diploma mill that won't allow me to teach anywhere except a JC.
    I am hoping I can get some pointers in pursuing my doctorate yet keeping my family situation in-tact. I know there are some programs that will allow you to spend only a week or two on campus, which would be very doable for me.
    Thank you all!
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  3. Jason Taylor

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    I met with one of the faculty at the University I would like to ultimately work for and they specifically said not to go to Liberty, but to look for an AACSB accredited program. I am looking into Creighton and I was wondering if some people had or heard opinions on their program.
  4. JoshD

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    When it comes to business, if you want to move into a tenure-track position, it is important to go to the best business school you possibly can. If Creighton is the best you can get into then go for it!
  5. Jason Taylor

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    Does anyone know of any better rated distance or online PhD programs? I can’t uproot my family, so it needs to be online, hybrid or some other sort of distance learning. I have 20 years of corporate accounting experience working in my favor so I am not sure if that works in my favor or detriment in getting into these programs.

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    Yes, but not in Accounting...
  7. Jason Taylor

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    Ah yes, I should have clarified.
    Does anyone know of any better rated distance or online PhD programs for accounting?

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  9. Taxing

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    The lack of the CPA credential will likely hurt your placement potential at most AACSB schools. Most AACSB accounting programs place a huge emphasis on becoming a CPA. AACSB distance doctorates in accounting are very few and expensive ($100K). The programs I am aware of require once a month weekend residencies over 3 years. Here are your best bets: This program started as a DBA 10 plus years ago. It now is a Ph.D and offers a concentration in accounting. At one time it required applicants for the accounting program to be a CPA. This is an Executive Ph.D and one of the concentrations offered is accounting. FAU has offered a face to face Ph.D for a long time.

    If other members are aware of distance AACSB accredited accounting doctorates, I would appreciate the information.
  10. Kizmet

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    Two things: AACSB has a website that lists every school that is accredited. There are LOTS of names. It would be tedious but you could simply go down the list and check each one. Some schools are known DL providers and you could probably sift through most of those is just an hour or so. Maybe if you get quarantined you'd have the time to run the list. Also, I'd point out that AACSB accredits non-US schools as well but it's unclear from the op if a non-US degree would be acceptable.
  11. JoshD

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    I have to agree with Taxing in the fact that accounting is different than most business fields when it comes to teaching. The vast majority of AACSB, and even ACBSP, programs are going to want their accounting professors, and instructors, to have the CPA credential.
  12. foobar

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    There are a number of AACSB-accredited DBA programs with short residencies. I'm too lazy to lookup urls, but DePaul, University of Scranton, and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater are options.

    The CPA is a big deal and would definitely help with admission to these programs and in getting a tenure-track job.

    Another point - with an MS in Accounting (I'm assuming from an AACSB school), you do not necessarily need a doctorate that is specifically in accounting. With the masters, significant work experience, and teaching experience you can probably get away with a general DBA with an accounting-focused dissertation.
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